Thank You from Scholarship Recipient

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Thank You from Scholarship Recipient


Published on before 2005

Hi Mr. Ross -

I am one of the recipients for this year's ARC scholarship competition, and I just wanted to send my sincere gratitude for having chosen and supported my work. This scholarship will allow me to complete my fourth year at the Florence Academy of Art with financial security and more focus, without having to worry about raising money on the side. I know an email isn't the strongest gesture of gratitude, but I would just like to say that I promise you these funds will be put to good use. I hope that my work in the months/years to come can be a form of thanks.

I greatly appreciate what you are doing with the ARC, and am honored that I am receiving support from such an organization. I wish for you continued success with the ARC, and I hope I have the chance to thank you in person some day.

Richard Greathouse