Thanks from an ARC Associate Living Master

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Thanks from an ARC Associate Living Master

From James Van Fossan

Published before 2005

Hi Kara,

Thank you so much for this honor of being an Associate Living Master! I feel excited, humbled and proud to be a part of ARC in this manner. I have only been painting for 6 years but I have poured my very heart, mind and soul into it and with only my personal studies and a few tips from Duffy Sheridan I feel this title is a little premature but I will take it !!!

I would like to say that ARC and the ARC Salon has been an extremely important part of my progression. I intend to live and paint for the rest of my life in a way that brings honor to any titles of distinction and to the truth and Gods creation.

Such a big world and so many great artists.

James Van Fossan