Encourage the good artists. Encourage the schools.

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Encourage the good artists. Encourage the schools.


Published on before 2005

Dennis Prager referred to your group on his latest Prager University.

Great site, great concept - I celebrate your taking a stand and fighting back.

I am a musician. We are fighting the same inanities in the music world, and on many fronts. Conductors want to be "new and different", and so choose music for the orchestras to perform that are jarring - what I might call "a steak served with cod liver oil, because it is good for you."

After attending several Opera productions - offensive, all, with men's choruses in underpants, tawdry costuming, Bach's B Minor Mass done with "pod people" behind a screen (honoring man not God) - I warned my husband, "I will boo at the end of this one. You may pretend you don't know me if you'd like." There were a large number of folks booing that evening.

I dropped a note to the manager, who told me, "People are just raving about our productions," but heard from a friend in the women's choruses that people booed at every concert.

Now when I see these groups asking for money, saddened about the lack of interest people have in music, I can only roll my eyes.

Keep up the good work. Encourage the good artists. Encourage the schools.

This past century of music and art - and poetry, may I add - will count for naught.

Bette S.