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Ani Art Academy Waichulis

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Published on on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Art Renewal Center has time and again demonstrated its effectiveness in illuminating an ideal developmental path for many of today’s aspiring creatives. As one of the foremost entities for researching and vetting skill-based educational resources, the Art Renewal Center continues to empower new generations of artists that feel that virtuosity is an essential component of the art experience. Currently 30% of my personal students have found me through ARC.  I am very grateful for the resources and opportunities offered by this ever-growing entity and hope that it will continue to elevate the artistic efforts that its founders deem important. In this endeavor, I wish them every possible success.


Anthony Waichulis

Ani Art Academy Waichulis

1100 Pittston Blvd, Wilkes Barre,

Pennsylvania, United States