I am enchanted.

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I am enchanted.


Published on before 2005

I hit your site accidentally looking for inspiration for my Madonna and Child piece. I thank God for this accident! It is a breath of fresh air for me! I am still getting to know your site. But already I am very happy to learn that I am not almost the only one (especially artists) who do not accept Picasso's (and the like) tricks presented as masterpieces of painting. I enjoy reading Fred Ross. And I might say he is being very polite in his response to Laurie.

This is my first glimpse at what you at the Center do. I am enchanted. And your site is as beautifully designed as were the pieces of art painted in the 19th century. One little thought - do you think of looking at paintings of Karl Brulov, Fedotov and may be some others of the 19th century Russia. I think they will be in line with all the beautiful paintings you already have.

Thank you for being there.
- Vladimir