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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

I just got my first call that sounded like it was taken from the ARC home page. A Mother of a 22 year old art student called after seeing my work. Her daughter is in college and wanting to actually learn to paint realisticaly. Her professors and fellow students are mocking her because she is so "old school" and non-hip. The girl is not caving to her "peer" pressure and is really therefore the only unique vision at the place. She however, is discovering, like many of us before her, that art dept's in college only produce art teachers to perpetuate the circular system. She's getting a supply lists from me now.

I told her about ARC., which will be a real eye opener for her. She will be reasured to know she's not the first to come to this same conclusion. The trick for us is to become as visible as the instituations and not the alternative to them that folks stumble upon. We have no alumi, no state underwriting and no huge campuses. We can actually educate, which is where things start to even out.