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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

I can tell you that museum has tons of really aweful art that they cannot sell at huge profits because they paid way too much for it in the first place. The powers that be at these places not only are self-serving but also clearly disregard the wishes and taste of the very public for whom they are supposed to serve. They work in shadows and behind closed doors.

When they display proudly some new orange sewer pipe sculpture their public says, "Who decided to buy that?" When they sell good paintings the public says, "Who decided to sell that?" Clandestine activities and contempt for public and popular appeal reigns in these places. Public exposure is the cure. Boards can be changed through public pressure. Board members can be made to answer for their activities. I wonder if their little lecture had any effect upon the market price of the work? Perhaps the experts know the lecture for what is was. One could think that the public in MN would be rightly insulted by such blatant manipulation and deceit. Light has no place with darkness.