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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Dear Mr. Ross,

Regarding the selling of the Bouguereau Bohémienne: I'm sure I haven't an idea that has not already occurred to you and many of your supporters in protesting this sale. But as I read about this on your website, and gather the thinking into one comprehensive heap, I cannot help but be led to the (probable) conclusion that the entire rationale amounts to an investment strategy, however misconceived. I don't think it has anything to do with Modernism, since the idea is to replace the Bouguereau with a painting by a pre-Raphaelite. [ A.J. Moore is actually a representative of the Aesthetic movement. - Ed ] And it surely has nothing to do with artistic worth, which means that Mr. Noon and his den of thieves are veritable traitors to what is certainly the spirit and letter of their mission. I'm afraid it's all about speculation and investment only; the spirit of our times, and only a massive outpouring of protest in Minnesota or perhaps a threatening note from the Governor are going to move these investors to mend their ways in order to save their jobs. Otherwise, I'm afraid, they shall not be moved.

There is no need to reply. I only wanted to contribute a bit of input that might possibly be germane. Thanks for your kind attention, and hoping for a triumphant outcome.

Sheldon Lichter