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Published before 2005

Although it's probably very common that ARC and representational art are attractive to the 'Right', and that modern art (as defined in previous posts) is often attractive to the 'Left', I cannot imagine there is anything inherent in the works themselves that makes this so. Especially, with respect to representational art. I'm on the left of centre, but as modern art goes, you can include me out, as they say. For the record, there are artists such as myself who have been a part of Goodart and ARC, but whom are considerably leftward of many on this list (Miles Mathis and William Whitaker are two others who've said as much, but surely there are numerous others). Yet, we all - right and left alike - tend to agree very much on art.

The Left/Right thing is (largely) an irrelevant side issue when it comes to the art itself.