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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Hello, I am a high school senior, and am very grateful and excited to soon graduate and begin my studies in the fine arts. As for college, I have researched all of the "art academies" here in California, and not one is decent, much to my disappointment. I have so far been a self-taught painter working in oils. And I must admit, that if I had never discovered ARC, my skills and knowledge would not be as they are today. ARC has really opened up a world to me and given me courage to stick by my beliefs about art. While on your web site, I recently read the article on the MOMA museum in NY, and well, not too long ago my art club at school visited the MOMA in San Francisco. I must admit, I couldn't hold back my laughter when we were on the tour. It was most insane... and get this... their 'prize masterpiece' (which our lady guide raved about).. was a blank white canvas. Yes, .. a big, white, and plain canvas. This is ridiculous, but only makes me more determined to create good art.

Although the trip felt like a waste of time and money, I later realized what value it held for me. I realized the extent that people can be fooled, and fool themselves. I also realized that this art has no true quality and will not withstand time. The only art that can is the work of William Bouguereau, everyone's favorite, I'm sure, and the many masters that are making their comeback. I was very fortunate to have seen a work of Bouguereau's; I stalled in front of it for about half an hour - this was before I knew who he was - and he has been my role model ever since. In fact, I will be going to see another piece of his soon, and I am very excited. I guess all I would like to say is thanks to you and all of the staff for collaborating the most spectacular site supporting true art. I soon hope to become a member and contribute to the art studies through my own art.

Yours truly,
Brianna Lee