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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

I just read Paul Soderberg's article on Storm Warning to the Art World and I am pleased and vindicated by this one article and learned about ARC in one swoop. I have felt this way for years but thought I was alone or insane for not agreeing with modern art's aims and admiring actual painting/illustrating talents.

I stuck with the ancients because I didn't think anyone cared about rendering and painting ability anymore. I've just seen and learned differently here. Thank you Paul and ARC for explaining and displaying and fostering talent again. I love what I'm seeing here and have been spending inordinate amounts of time viewing all the student and older talent. Wow. I'm inspired to improve. It's just glorious to me and your site is moving me along roads I've wanted to go for years.

Thank you for all your efforts and speaking truth about art and talent.

Jon Hudson