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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Dear Shandine,

Thank you ever so much for responding. I did not expect that. With the millions of hits to ARC I did not imagine anyone would have the time to respond and I was so pleased, it was the first letter I opened out of 21 today. I also could not help but notice your email address and immediately jumped. Forgive me for being presumptuous but you are perhaps Timothy Tyler's wife or a family member. After staring at his amazing work, along with so many others for so long - I believe I've spent days if not weeks admiring the works, I feel a small familiarity with these impressive artists and then to receive a nice letter from an address related, well, that was a warm response that I will cherish.

Anyway, I don't usually correspond beyond the initial letter and this may be it so I just wanted to say while I had the opportunity, that Timothy's Girl in Sepia and Hannah's Pitcher among the many I've seen on the site are just absolutely wonderful. There are a number of pieces that give me goosebumps and those two are a couple of them. I hope I can affect someone someday in such a manner with my work and speaking of which, thank you for taking the time to look up my website. It's not much and my work is that of a beginner but it made my heart swell and furthered my desire to work harder at my craft.

I ordered that book of Ryder's - thank you for suggesting it - after which when I have applied the techniques and down the road am capable of drawing a figure 1/10 as truly as Damir Simic, I will be pleased. I practically wept when I saw his charcoal drawings. I've never seen drawings such as that, especially with charcoal. I certainly never saw anything like that come out of the life drawing classes I took. But thanks to ARC, I saw it and many other students equally amazing.

Funny thing is, I just realized recently that unknowingly the first time I visited ARC's site was early this year when I found the ARC category of John Godward's works, after hunting the internet for one of his gorgeous paintings that I had seen on a health food store magazine, I consequently spent days browsing ARC and telling others about this artist I'd never heard of or seen before, who could paint sheer fabric and folds on women like no other. I'm sure my friends think I'm nuts. But until recently I hadn't put the two together, that the site I kept accessing and finding all of this grand art was one in the same - ARC. I'm so proud of your venture and happy to have found you all. From the staff list names it sounds like one big family! And whoever is responsible for the beautiful site pics and high rez options, thank them when you get the chance. Seeing the art clearly and large makes all the difference in appreciating it.

Anyway, thank you for your valuable time and thanks for the personal communication and I wish you all well.

Jon Hudson