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Published before 2005

Hi, I'm from Brazil

I felt very happy when I discovered that the true art is rising again. Recently I earned a Bachelor's degreed in Design, but my wish was to draw. One of the reasons that made me choose Design instead of Visual Arts was the bad way taken by the academic art.

A few times ago I discovered a Bouguereau painting in the internet and thought that was Da Vinci. I found a part of "A Little Coaxing" and got deeply impressed. And now, trying to know who is Bouguereau and searching for more of his paintings, I find out that there is people doing real art in our days. It's a breath of life.

In the present time, I'm looking for a post-graduation in Art or Design. I would like to do Art, more specifically painting, but, as I said, I avoid the academic art for fear of be locked in the Modernism's jails. I was studying a way of making my work nearest as possible of the beautiful draw and painting. But now I see that art still living, and there is academies of it that I've never heard before.

I would like to ask for more information. The study in this academies is for everyone? How much of this academies exist? Is there some academy in South America? What is needed to get on them?

Please tell me whatever you think I have to know about it, because I'm really interested. (forgive me for any grammatic mistakes)

Thank you