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To the ARC Chairman


Published before 2005

Dear Mr. Ross,

My husband hasn't start complaining yet... But if he does, you will be guilty as charged! For since I discovered your wesite, less than a week ago, I've been spending hours and hours visiting your online museum and reading your articles. Lunch and dinner are late, I let him alone in the living room watching TV and I go to bed long after him. :-)

I can't even begin to describe the sense of relief and joy to see that I'm not alone in this world! Am I the only one, I used to think, who doesn't enjoy "modern art"? Is anything wrong with me for not wanting to go to a much "acclaimed" Picasso exhibition here in So Paulo, Brazil, where thousands os students were taken to?

I have a B.A. in Language and Literature (Brazilian and Portuguese) and work as a translator. I'm an art lover (not a collector or anything, I don't have the money for that, but simply someone who loves art), I've always enjoyed the arts of the 19th Century, but was amazed to find out, thanks to you, that this century was even better than I ever thought, in terms of art. I thought of doing a postgraduate course in Art History, but decided that the money would be better spent in visits to the most famous museums in the world...

Without exageration, I thank God for letting me live (I'm 42) to discover, thanks to you, magnificent works of art like those of Bouguereau.

I've already chosen six of his paintings to decorate my bedroom and I'll by the prints as soon as I can.

Dare I dream to have you here in So Paulo one day, speaking to our universities, our media, bringing a 19th century collection to delight thousands, millions of beauty- hungry, silent, anonymous eyes and souls like mine?

Just the other day, when a Picasso painting was stolen from a museum in So Paulo, and found some days later for the relief and joy of so many who cried over the loss of such "masterpiece", I said to my brother: "I hope I live long enough to see the fraud of modern art be exposed." You've made me believe that this is not only possible, but is already happening.

Best regards,

Susana L. Alexandria