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Published before 2005

Dear Mr Ross,

Several years ago I received a scholarship from your ARC scholarship foundation, and subsequently you purchased my painting "Queen of Hearts." I want you to know that I have continued to pursue a career in my painting and am now in Palm Desert, Ca, anticipating the reception for my first gallery show. My husband, David Gluck, also received two scholarships and two purchase awards, and is now represented by a gallery in Charleston, with whom he is planning his first show.

We would like to thank you again for the financial aid your organization provided to us, the exposure on your website that helped get our artwork recognized, and for the implicit vote of confidence in our work. I hope that the ARC will continue to provide such support and exposure to atelier students for many years to come, as the effect such aid can have on a young artist's career is tremendous.

Attached please find an invitation to my show. If you have time, my new paintings can be seen on my blog.

All the best,
Kate Stone