I really enjoy your site

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I really enjoy your site


Published before 2005

I have been reviewing your website several times over the last year or so. I have looked at virtually every one of the 225 artists and all their paintings and must admit you really do have the right point of view when it comes to traditional realism vs modern gook.

Over the last five years or so I have had a very strong interest in art work and have collected three bronze sculptures by an artist by the name of Duane Scott. I couldn't actually believe I spent the money to buy them but I did. I haven't purchased any paintings as of yet but when I do I will buy from your website. I really enjoy your site and have two chapters of those readings you mention about realism vs. modernism.

I enjoy art in other areas as well such as classical music and the opera and the ballet but I also enjoy all the athletic endeavors like football, baseball and hockey.

Believe or not I also have recently purchased several oriental rugs basically because it's like looking at art work on one's floor. That is not your category but still nevertheless its my interest.

I wish you success in your work.

Nick Triveri
Armstrong-Indiana Behavioral and Developmental Health Program