I am so grateful

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I am so grateful


Published before 2005

Hello !!!

My name is Violeta Sandu and I am a 3rd year Fine Art student at Metropolitan University in London.

I am so grateful that I have found out about you guys and the great work you are doing! I really don't like modern art and I decided to write my dissertation on Realism, after I read about it on ARC website. I have a good skill in drawing and I love classical beauty.

My previous teachers I had before University, introduced me to classical drawing which I loved. One of my previous teachers is Liviu Adrian Sandu, he was counted among the winners at the ARC commetition this year!

But in the school where I am now ....I was criticized by the headteacher of the school for my realist drawings.

Please let me know if I can find any written book on classical realism or beauty, that could be useful for me now. Or if you don t mind passing my email on. I need some help with it.

Thank you!!