Your site is not just a breath of fresh air

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Your site is not just a breath of fresh air


Published before 2005

Your site is not just a breath of fresh air -- it is a long-awaited "blast of the trumpet" against the NONSENSE of modern art. Thank you, THANK YOU for the hard work, intelligence, beauty, truth and dedication you are putting into this site. It is an international treasure. I am already getting positively drunk on all of the fantastic images (free to download and enjoy--thanks!), and my dear husband ordered me a poster print from you for my Christmas gift. Perfect!

I was blessed to attend a college where the art professor actually taught that modernism is nonsense. She has, unfortunately, since been replaced. What a shame. I spent hours happily studying slides of the masters and criticizing modern junk to my heart's content (and earning an "A" to boot!).

I think there is a growing groundswell of support for classical art based upon eternal standards of Truth, Beauty, Perspective and HARD WORK. I loved your response to the girl who said she had "learned to love Picasso." Thank you for the best laugh I've had in weeks! Students have to be either brainwashed or tortured to ever come to the conclusion that this modern GARBAGE is "art." I hope one day in the future we will see the absolute destruction of modern "art" galleries and the restoration of true art based upon unchanging standards. I hope my grandchildren will be able to look back at archival pictures of today's "art" (since the real things won't exist anymore!) and shake their heads at the past century's sheer blindness.

Thank you for boldly proclaiming that the "emperor has no clothes." It is about time someone did it right. You are doing it. I am sending hundreds of friends and family members to your site!

Thanks again. I will be a repeat visitor for years to come!

Jennie Chancey