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Words are inadequate to express...


Published before 2005

Thank you! Thank you! Words are inadequate to express my appreciation for what you have done here! You have touched me deeply. Your cause is truly a noble one!

This website is an oasis in the artistic desert of our age. It is a galleon of gold, sailing on a sea of filth, heralding (hopefully) the return of spring. I hope this is a foreshadowing of things to come.

The 20th century has been dark and insane, and I think this site is the first real indication that the madness is beginning to clear as humankind rediscovers the beautiful. You give hope and inspire!

I am a young artist who has been disenchanted with the art world to such a degree that I have pursued a science education instead, as the fields of science and mathematics seem to be the only ones that still have some semblance of appreciation for beauty. I had begun to suspect that art was synonymous with mental illness. I now see differently. You have opened my eyes and rekindled my ambition for artistic pursuits.

When I encountered the site, I was nearly reduced to tears. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the work of these true masters. I was forced to wonder what unholy force it was that possessed humankind throughout the dark years of the 20th century and confused us to the point that we squashed and rejected all beauty! What went wrong?

When I saw the magnificent work of these painters, I thought, "why do I not know these names? These are obviously the true masters! Why has their work been suppressed? It is a grave injustice!"

Your efforts have begun the work of vindicating these visionaries!

I applaud you!