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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Howdy. I’m a recent graduate from Texas A&M University. Although I studied literature/written history (instead of oily/pastel variety), I did manage to squeeze in several art history (various painting styles, sculptors) classes throughout my college years.

Anyways, I followed a link back from LewRockwell.com last year (maybe around June) and came upon some great works by an author I had never heard of: William Bouguereau. This weekend I attended the Dallas Museum of Art’s 100th Anniversary. Suffice to say that their selections were disappointing (at best), I have yet to see any of Bouguereau at a museum. Is there any on this continent?

Oh, and yes, post-modern art is pretty ridiculous. I used to doodle on my napkins as a kid and aside from the Ivory Tower types, what I scribbled is hardly what I consider “good” art. Suckers, that is what museums and their curators are for buying any of that drivel.

This was the article:

Great job.