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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

As a "struggling" artist, I have come through the BFA mill (earned from Cal State Fullerton 1999) and do not know one bit more about drawing the human body than I did when I began in 1962! I have had some of my works displayed in Juried Shows earning Honorable Mention but these works were done by rote (I was told by one "art instructor" that I am a good copyist - by the way he changed my "grade" after I asked how he could allow the class assign a grade to anyone's work - I needed to know if I had improved after using his methods).

My question now is where can I go to find an artist under whom I can really "LEARN". I live in Orange County, California.

Thank you for your time, concern, and understanding.
Best wishes with this admirable project.

Katie Fay