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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Regards to you and a heartfelt thanks for such an enlightened website, giving me great optimism that true art will once again be what it should be, enjoyable to anyone who views it - not a degree in psychology to understand what the hell it is. I have written to you before regarding a suggestion to include the great Australian artist, Norman Lindsay, who not only mastered oil and watercolour, but was possibly one of the greatest etchers of all time.

I was recently looking at the wonderful collection of Zorn etchings you have on your site and feel you would do the world a great justice by having Norman Lindsay's superior etchings on display. [...] His etchings are one of the greatest collector items both here and overseas due to their complexity and imaginative subjects. I feel the Australian representation you have on the site is sadly lacking despite the few great artists from my country that you have included. As the site grows no doubt more will appear as has been happening, but I guess it's up to someone to alert you to the existence of particular artists that the world deserves to see.

Thank you for a wonderful website and for allowing us mere mortals to admire the works of the great artists of the world.

Kerrie Larosa
Sydney Australia