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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

I like to draw realist looking pictures every so often in my spare time. My drawings take a great deal of time to plan and execute. I think that my most recent one took about 200 hours over a period of two years. The only training in drawing that I have had is a few books that I have read.

I know that my drawings will never be in a museum next to a great master. However, my drawings are important to me and my family. In fact, I imagine that they will probably be handed down from generation to generation.

My interest in drawing allows me to more fully appreciate the work that was involved with creating many of the great paintings on your web site.

I mention the above because I sometimes have the feeling that your site forgets that most artists are hobbyists who like to draw or paint a couple hours a week. The professionally artist who earns his living by painting is probably less than 1% of all artists. These hobbyists are probably the same people who like to go to art museums and purchase posters of great art. These hobbyists are probably big fans of your site.

We are the fertile ground from where the great masters of tomorrow will come. My children and grandchildren will know the difference between modern art and real art. Likewise, I proselytize to my family and friends about the dangers of modernism.

Please do not forget about the importance of the amateur artist.

I love your web site.

Best Wishes,

Jon :)

[ ARC is very much aware of the need to encourage “hobbyists” to develop their knowledge and skills, and many of them sign up for courses in ARC’s Approved list of Ateliers and art schools at (link to our atelier site), and many are crossing over from amateur to professional.” - ARC Ed]