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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Dear Brian,

I found the ARC site not merely interesting and encouraging, I found it to be deeply moving and achingly beautiful in its spot-on vidication of all those priciples I have held close to my secret heart of hearts as the truth. After reading Ross's essay on the Philosphy of ARC and also the transcript of his speech at the Metropolitan, I could only sit in stunned silence and cry.

Finally! What I have always felt to be the truth has been articulated -- logically, respectfully, and most irrefutably: Modern Art is nothing but a sham and a hoax of the highest order.

I am now going to email all my friends about this site. If I can get even one of them to change their mindset about the good, the bad, and the ugly in Fine Art today, then I will feel I have done but a small part to repay you, Mr. Ross, and all others like you who have dared declare before the world the magnitude of the hoax being perpetrated on all of us.

I firmly believe that we, as human beings, are hardwired to seek explanations for those things that are beyond our power to explain, that we have religion, music, poetry, and art as a method to understand -- and share! -- that which deeply moves, exhilarates, and exhalts us as thinking, feeling, reasoning beings. We must have these things, we must create music, poetry, art, and religion, for they gift us with enduring beauty for the heart, the mind, and the eye. We must -- else we die. It's that simple.

Modern Art and -- I'll even go so far as to say it -- Modern Education has done much to remove from us that which we desperately need to thrive as human beings. This has got to stop.

You, Mr. Ross, all the teachers and the artists that believe in the priciples you espouse, are doing us a great service, a monumental and immeasurable service, one we can never repay ... except in passing the knowledge on, as best we can, by what means we have available to us.

I say, Thank you, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for placing in my hands a potent weapon to beat back the enemy of misinformation and aesthetic annihilation posing as Art Education today. You may be sure I will keep it close at hand, ever sharpened, and ever ready in Art's -- and Humanity's -- defense.

Very sincerely yours,
Mary E. McKay-Eaton

PS If you should find anything I have said in my paltry effort to give thanks herein helpful in your continuing quest, I give you my permission to use this message in full or in part(save my name, as it is not important to the argument), as you see fit. The time for silence is over.