Ashlyn Monroe

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Ashlyn Monroe

Aged 22

Miano Academy of Art

Instructor(s): Charles Miano and Fargol Hasani

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  • Artworks

Standing male figure

Charcoal on paper

30 x 20 ins (76.2 x 50.8 cms)

Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

Oil on Belgian linen on panel

18 x 14 ins (45.72 x 35.56 cms)

Astronomer by Candlelight

Oil on panel

24 x 16 ins (60.96 x 40.64 cms)


White and black charcoal on toned paper

24 x 18 ins (60.96 x 45.72 cms)

St. Jerome

White and black charcoal on toned paper

26 x 20 ins (66.04 x 50.8 cms)

Male Hand

Charcoal on paper

23 x 14 ins (58.42 x 35.56 cms)


White and black charcoal on toned paper

35 x 24 ins (88.9 x 60.96 cms)


Oil on panel

14 x 11 ins (35.56 x 27.94 cms)

While my friends sought to follow a standard college path, I always knew the only thing I
wanted to be was a successful artist. Eventually, the pursuit of this life-long dream led to
me studying under a living master, Charles Miano, through which, I’m developing
techniques to serve my inner passion in exciting ways. My immediate desire is to
complete my five-year apprenticeship. I’m a full-time student, so winning scholarship
funds would go a long way toward assisting my mastery of these time-honored
Renaissance techniques and evolution as a visual storyteller.
Being of Latin descent, I would like to stir people’s awareness for current events and for
those hidden and marginalized in Latino society. Through my paintings, I can capture
and express both the extraordinary as well as life’s distraught moments.
I am motivated by the “light effect,” and the discipline to properly attain it. My works
are highly influenced by the 17th century Dutch Golden Age paintings, and by specific
artists, such as Rembrandt, Dou, and Vermeer.
My next step will be to study sculpture and the business side of art. For this, I have plans
to live and work in Paris upon the completion of my apprenticeship. Eventually, I wish to
open my own studio, after establishing my works in international galleries through
creating my own uniquely recognizable style. Utilizing success, I will become a positive
influence by inspiring others’ creativity and sharing a deep appreciation for classical arts
through my own ARC accredited school.

Ashlyn Marina Monroe (b. 2000) is a Latin American female artist from
Bradenton, Florida. At only 15, she became the youngest student ever to earn a
spot in the prestigious artist development program called “Artillery,” directed by award-
winning illustrator and graphic designer, William Ferrell. Over the next four years, Mr.
Ferrell challenged Ashlyn to improve her skills through study, preparation, and practice.
During this time, her interests in classical realism blossomed and Ashlyn distinguished
herself by winning a Manatee County “Art Excellence Award,” resulting in her award-
winning art being publicly displayed for one year at various regional locations, including
the SRQ Airport. Currently, she’s enrolled as a “3rd Level” apprentice at the Miano
Academy of Art, in Bradenton, Florida, where she studies daily under an ARC living
master, Charles Miano. In 2021, Ashlyn had several paintings and drawings featured at
the “Awakening Realism Show,” with her works being held over on public display for
four months at the Manatee Performing Arts Center. Today, Ashlyn’s primary focus
continues to be on capturing nature's essence in classical portraiture, for which she
creates many pieces for either public display or commission. In the coming years, Ashlyn
seeks to further her studies by learning to capture the dramatic illumination of
Chiaroscuro and keeping the Atelier methodology alive.