Cameron Copley-Heissig

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Cameron Copley-Heissig

Aged 21

Angel Academy of Art Florence

Instructor(s): Michael John Angel, Jered Woznicki, Davide Barbini, Giulia Bucciarelli

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  • Artworks

Painting of Luca in progress

Oil on canvas

35 1/4 x 17 1/2 ins (90 x 45 cms)

Female nude

Oil on canvas

35 1/4 x 17 1/2 ins (90 x 45 cms)


Oil on canvas

33 1/4 x 15 1/2 ins (85 x 40 cms)


Graphite and coloured pencil on paper

12 x 9 ins (31 x 23 cms)

The Girl in Red

Coloured pencil and chalk on paper

12 x 9 ins (31 x 23 cms)

Little self portrait

Oil on canvas

9 x 5 1/2 ins (23 x 14 cms)


Oil on canvas

13 3/4 x 9 3/4 ins (35 x 25 cms)

Still-life with flowers

Oil on canvas

27 1/2 x 19 1/2 ins (70 x 50 cms)

My Long-term Educational and Career Goals


At the moment I am in my third year at the Angel Academy of art Florence. I would like to stay at the Academy to complete the three year program. My goal is to become an independent realist and classical orientated painter and to make a living from my art.

I have always wanted to learn the academic techniques of the old masters and how to represent and interpret nature on a flat surface like canvas or paper. 

After I have graduated from the Academy I will have a great understanding of how to create and paint a realist painting. With this skill-based education I will be ready and well equipped to enter in today’s Art world. First I will approach galleries in my home town Munich and exhibit my paintings then go more international. I want to create and tell stories be it with oil, charcoal or pencil. On the side I will work as a portrait painter and occasionally give workshops to pass on my knowledge to the next generation. Furthermore I will keep on studying with different artists, learn different ways and techniques. Eventually I will pick out the things I like and incorporate them in to my art and develop my own individual style. With the money from the Art Renewal Centre Scholarship competition I will finance my last trimester at the Angel Academy of art. Without the financial aid I won’t be able to finish my training in Florence. 













Cameron Copley-Heissig is a German-English artist born on 9th September 2000 in Munich, Germany.


Already from a very early age he was exposed to the arts. With his mother, a ballet dancer, and his father, an opera choir singer, he literally grew up in the theatre world. At the age of 7 till 16 he went to the Aton-Schule, a reform pedagogical school which is focused on music and creativity. There he developed the love for art and drawing under his art teacher Sabine Bitterlich. In the later years he began experimenting with oil paint.


 2016 he had his first solo exhibition at PROBEZEIT in Munich. 

He participated in the exhibition of the H-Team ev. for the competition „Armut und Recht“ („Poverty and Right“) in 2017 in Munich.



In 2017 he was accepted to go to the Berufsfachschule für Bildende Kunst München (Professional and Continued Education School for the Fine Arts Munich). There he was taught by the graphic designer and artist Hubert Franz Schweitzer, the illustrator and comic artist Gerhard Schlegel and Petra Margot Hastreiter an illustrator, production and fashion designer and storyboard artist.


There he took part in the school exhibition „Bilder gegen Gewalt“ („Pictures against Violence“), 2017 and 2018.

Furthermore, one of his paintings was exhibited at the „Sudetendeutsche Messe“, 2018 in Augsburg 


He studied under the artist Agustín Incicco in a one week portrait workshop at the Academy of fine Art Germany in his summer break in 2018.


Cameron graduated from the Berufsfachschule für Bildende Kunst München in 2019 and received a diploma in independent artistic work as an "Independent Artist“. 




Since September 2019 he has been studying at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence. 

His teachers are and were: Michael John Angle, Jered Woznicki, Giulia Bucciarelli, Davide Barbini and Ashish Kumar Patel.


He won the 3rd place prize in the teens category of the 15th International ARC Salon Competition in 2021 with his drawing “Lockdown” and will participate in the 15th ARC Salon Exhibition at Sotheby’s New York and the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona in the same year.  

Furthermore he won 1st prize in the 21st ARC Scholarship competition 2021.