1st ARC Scholarship (2001)

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The Winners of the 1st 2001 Scholarship

The distinguished jurors of the Art Renewal Center announced today the official debut of ARC's program to help support outstanding ateliers and students in promoting the utmost quality in the Fine Arts.

Please join us in extending our warmest congratulations to Cyd Wicker and Dale Redpath, Co-Directors of the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota, the atelier chosen to receive the first ARC Atelier, Studio School Operations Grant of $3,000. This is an historic occasion for ARC, but more than that, it is an honor to be able to play our small part in ensuring the success of their mission.

Student Scholarships of $1,500 each were awarded to Jurica Bedic, st year student at the Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy, and Kristine Diehl, 3rd year student at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A scholarship of $1,000 has been awarded to Jackie Capp, 4th year student at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art, and scholarships of $500 each were awarded to Dana Levin and Stuart Loughridge. Dana Levin is a 5th year student/instructor at the Florence Academy of Art, and Stuart Loughridge is a 3rd year student at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art.

Through the combined efforts of a tiny handful of passionately dedicated staff and volunteers, ARC has successfully created one of the largest and most comprehensive virtual museum of masterworks online. The museum represents the evolution of fine art dating from the Renaissance through the recently rediscovered genius of the Victorian period, as well as recognizing some of the finest painters and sculptors of our own time. ARC's broader mission is to ensure that this classically inspired form of artistic expression is brought to the forefront of public attention once again. We are resolute in our determination to take a proactive role in ensuring that today's most promising artists are afforded the recognition and opportunities they deserve. To accomplish this we seek to lend our growing support to the survival and expansion of the ateliers and studio schools which have carried the torch of real art through the turmoil and challenge of the modernist era. Our thanks and admiration go to those who continue to teach the traditions and techniques of the Masters of realism to a new generation destined to make this 21st Century Renaissance an enduring reality.

2 First Place Winners - $1,500 ($3,000)

Kristine Diehl


Oil painting

Jurica Bedic


Oil painting

2 Second Place Winners - $1,000 ($2,000)

Jackie Capp


Oil painting

Jackie Capp


Oil painting

1 Third Place Winner - $500 ($500)