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Jon Bøe Paulsen

ARC Living Master TM

35 artworks

Norwegian 21st Century Realist artist

Born in Oslo, Norway

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The Guests Arrive

The Guests Arrive


Oil on canvas

75 x 115 cms | 29 1/2 x 45 1/4 ins

Fatal Attraction


Oil on canvas

80 x 100 cms | 31 1/4 x 39 1/4 ins

Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man


Oil on canvas

75 x 95 cms | 29 1/2 x 37 1/4 ins

Bork & Rebecka

Bork & Rebecka



80 x 100 cms | 31 1/4 x 39 1/4 ins



Oil on canvas

81 x 66 cms | 31 3/4 x 25 3/4 ins

Dead Ringer


Oil on canvas

46 x 42 cms | 18 x 16 1/2 ins


Portrait of Two Souls


Oil on canvas

78.7 x 71.1 cms | 31 x 28 ins

Portrait of Pippi


Oil on canvas

70 x 100 x 2 cms | 27 1/2 x 39 1/4 x 0 3/4 ins



Oil on canvas

65 x 97 cms | 25 1/2 x 38 ins

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Contact Info:

1977 Eksamen Artium, Oslo, NO (College degree)
1979 School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
1980-1984 Norwegian State Art Academy, Oslo, NO

Solo & Group Juried Exhibitions (Selected):

  • 2021 "Portrait Now 2021" The Carlsberg Portrait Award. Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark. The Ljungberg Museum. Sweden
  • 2020 "The Last Letter" Aqua Graphite and Sepia Watercolour Version. The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition. Willis Museum and Sainsbury Gallery. Basingstoke. UK.
  • 2019 "Portrait Now 2019" Group Exhibition; "Rich man, poor man, beggar man". Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark and The Ljungberg Museum, Sweden
  • 2018 Solo exhibition through The Gallery LightSpace & Time at June 15 - July 14
  • 2017 - 2018 ModPortrait. IAACC Pablo Serrano Museum of Zaragoza. 30 May - 17 June. MEAM. Museu Europeu d'Art Modern. 22 june - 29 july. Barcelona. Spain
  • 2011 - 2018 Art Renewal Center International Salon Finalist
  • 2017 "Something more than realism" Galeria Artelibre. Zaragoza. Spain
  • 2017 "Portrait Now 2017" Group Exhibition; "Notorious". Fredriksborg Castle, Denmark and The Ljungberg Museum, Sweden
  • 2014 International Guild of Realism (IGOR) "Dead Ringer" Robert Lange Studios. Charleston. SC. USA
  • 2014: World Wide Art. Artavita. Los Angeles Convention Center. California. USA
  • 2013 Saatchi Online Competition, Finalist,"Black Swan"
  • 2013 International Guild of Realism (IGOR),"Portrait of Two Souls", 8th Annual Juried Exhibition, Tempe, AZ, USA
  • 2012 Salon d'Automne,"Portrait of Two Souls", Autumn Festival, Champs Elysee, Paris, FR
  • 2009 ICO Gallery, Indian summer, Oil painting, Three lithographs. New Motion for Figure Exhibition, Tribeca. Manhattan, NY, USA
  • 1997 Norwegian State Art Exhibition,"Twins or Clones. You choose" Oil, The Artist's House, Oslo, NO
  • 1996 IBSEN Festival, collection;"A Doll's House", National Theatre, Oslo, NO
  • 1995 The East community State Art Exhibition, Oslo and surrounding areas. Norway"After a Hundred Years Sleep" Oil, Travelling exhibition.
  • 1993 Norwegian State Art Exhibition,"Charcoal study from "Shadows and Victims", The Artist's House, Oslo NO
  • 1991 Norwegian State Art Exhibition,"Dreams" Oil, The Artist's House, Oslo, NO
  • 1990 Norwegian State Art Exhibition,"The Generals Morning" Oil, The Artist's House, Oslo, NO
  • 1983 Salon d'Automne 80 Years Jubilee,"The Policeman Who Cried", Autumn Festival, Grand Palais, Paris FR
  • 60 separate /collective exhibitions, NO, US, England & FR

 Art Affiliations:

  • 2018 CFA Affiliate Artist. Circle Foundation. Lyon. France
  • 2011 ARC Living Master, Art Renewal Center (ARC), Port Reading, NJ, US

Publications (Selected):

  • 2021 Artistnetwork. Finalist Stroke of Genius 12 Competition. The Best of Drawing. Special Issue.
  • 2020 Watercolor Artist. April issue. 11th  Annual Watermedia Showcase. Hororable mention. Artists Magazine. Winner "Artist over 60". April issue.
  • 2019 "Portrait Now". The Carlsberg Foundation Portrait Prize book.
  • 2019 Art & Beyond Summer Special Edition. 
  • 2018 Art Guide Leonardo, Galeria Artelibre. Zaragoza. Spain
  • 2018 ModPortrait exhibition catalog. Pablo Zerrano museum Zaragoza. Meam museum, Barcelona Spain
  • 2018 Circle Quarterly Art Review - Winter Issue. Circle Foundation. Lyon. France.
  • 2017 "Cold Moon Over Canis Lupus" Novel Thriller. E-book. Kelday & Paulsen
  • 2017 Artelibre - Arte y Libertad XII. Galeria Artelibre Yearbook. Zaragoza. Spain.
  • 2017 "Portrait Now" The Carlsberg Foundation Portrait Prize book.
  • 2017 Art & Beyond Art Expo NY Special March/April Issue
  • 2016 Exquisite Arts Magazine November Issue
  • 2012-2018 Art Renewal Center, International Salon Catalogue (Juried, Finalist, Selected Artists)
  • 2014 International Artist Magazine. August/Sep Issue
  • 2014 Art & Beyond Magazine July/August Issue
  • 2013 American Art Collector. The IGOR exhibition. Tempe Center for the Arts. AZ.
  • 2013 Art Renewal Center, International Salon Catalogue (Juried, Finalist, Selected Artists)
  • 2013 MEAM Catalog,"Figuratives 13", Barcelona SP
  • 2012 Art & Beyond Magazine, July/August Issue. Online version.
  • 2012 Art & Beyond Magazine, July/August Issue
  • 2011 Best of Worldwide, Art Publications, Kennedy Publications, VA, USA. Two Books; Landscape Artists, Portrait and Figurative.
  • 1980 Norwegian Art Dictionary. Editorials in two of Norway's largest newspapers Aftenposten and Dagbladet.

Collections (Selected):

  • 1997 - 1999. The Lade estate. Trondheim. Norway. 5 illustrations in oil from Snorre Sturlason's "The Sagas of Viking Kings of Norway"
  • 1992 - 1995. NTNU.(University of Trondheim. Norway.) 5 portraits of Principals during the nineties.
  • 1987 - Portrait of the Marathon runner Grete Waitz. Norwegian Sports Academy
  • 1987 - Norges Rederiforbund. (Norway's Board of Shipping lines) Portrait of the president Peter T. Smedvig
  • 1984 - Moss Community,"The Policeman Who Cried"

Additional Achievments:


  • 2011 "Lilyhammer" Rubicon film. Season One. NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) Starring Steven van Zandt. Illustrative paintings.
  • 1990 ,"The Painting was my First Love", Umbra Film. Television documentary on the life of Jon Bøe Paulsen, directed by Tor M. Tørstad. Nominated for the Amanda Award in the category "Best Documentary" at the Norwegian Film Festival, Haugesund. Norway.
  • 1978 "Maybe Tomorrow" NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting" Television youth drama, directed by Tor M. Tørstad.


  • 2017 "Cold Moon over Canis Lupus" Crime/Thriller novel. Published by Kelday & Paulsen.
  • 1996 "A Doll's House - Two Dramas between Poem and Reality", published for the IBSEN Festival, National Theatre, Oslo, NO
  • 1992 "Blant mennesker og landskap" (translation:"Between Human Beings and Landscape"), author Jahn Otto Johansen, Hjarrand Forlag
  • 1986 "Under Sydkorset"(translation:"Under the Southern Cross"), documentary novel written and illustrated by Jon Bøe Paulsen about the Norwegian Polar explorer Hjalmar Johansen who was active in the 19th century. JBP Forlag


  • 2022 Judge's Picks. "Portrait of Olivia". Daily Paintworks. Desember 2021.
  • 2022 Finalist "Portrait of Olivia", "Shivering Leaves" December 2021. 11th Annual PleinAir Salon.
  • 2022 Honorable Mention. "Preparation for Black Swan". 7th Annual Artist's Choice Art Exhibition. Fusion. Art
  • 2021 1st prize "Dead Ringer"."555 Special" LightSpaceTime Online Gallery Competition
  • 2021  "Rich man-poor man-beggar man","The Last Letter". Merit Prize Award.  Art Show International. Los Angeles. CA. USA.
  • 2021 "The Last Letter", The Guests Arrive", "Preparations for the "Black Swan". 11th Figurative. Lightspacetime Online Gallery. Special Merit Awards. Honourable mention
  • 2021 "The Last Letter" 1st Prize. Portrait Now. The Carlsberg Portrait Award. Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark. The Ljungberg Museum. Sweden
  • 2021 "The Guests Arrive". 1st. Prize. Art Show International. Los Angeles. CA. USA.
  • 2020 Finalist 15th ARC Salon "Portrait of Peter T. Smedvig"
  • 2020 Finalist "The Last Letter". Themed Contest Coronaviras.Circle Foundation. Lyon. France 
  • 2020 "Holme Gård" Oil on canvas. Special Merit Award. 10th Annual Landscape Competition. LightSpaceTime. 
  • 2020 "Portrait of Inger-Lise" Charcoal. Finalist "Stroke of Genius" Artists Network. US
  • 2020 "Forget Me Not" Oil. Seascapes 2020. LightspaceTime Gallery. Honorable Mention
  • 2020 "The Guests Arrive" Drawing/Watercolor version. Gold Prize Awesome Art Spring Edition. Special Merit. "Open" LightSpaceTime. USA
  • 2020  "The Guests Arrive! 2nd place Garden Grove. California, USA
  • 2020 "Into The Green" Watercolor Artist Magazine March/April issue 2020- Honorable Mentions. 11th International Watermedia Showcase.- Cincinnati. Ohio, United States  
  • 2019 "The General's Morning" Judge's Picks. Daily Paintworks for October.
  • 2019 "Fatal Attraction" 1 Prize. 2019 Figurative/Portrait competition. CAGO Contemporary Art Gallery Online. 1 Prize. Daily Paintworks for November.
  • 2019 "Towards Kløvningen" Judge Choice. Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGO) All Water/Seascape competition.
  • 2019 4th place LightSpace & Time's "555 Special" Art Exhibition - Summer.
  • 2019 "The Eternal Lighthouse" Special Merit Award, LightSpace & Time's Landscape competition 2019.
  • 2019 "Fatal Attraction". Finalist 14th International ARC Salon Competition
  • 2019 "The Guests Arrive!" 1st prize "Over 60 Competition" Artist magazine. Award of Excellence NOAPS Spring on-line International and Summer 2019 Portfolio Art Show, Finalist "Figurativas", MEAM Barcelona, Spain, Finalist 14th International ARC Salon Competition, The Judge's Picks Daily Paintworks for April. Winner fullpage competition Art & Beyond Summer Special magazine. ARC Chairman Choice Award 14th Salon.
  • 2019 "Bork & Rebecka". 2nd place Boldbrush Painting Competition for January. 3rd place Daily Paintworks Competition for March. Finalist 14th International ARC Salon Competition.
  • 2019 Finalist The exhibition "Portrait Now 2019" The Carlsberg Portrait Award. Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark. The Ljungberg Museum. Sweden
  • 2018 Winner Gallery LightSpace & Time's Solo exhibition competition at Artsy for the period June 15th - July 14th.
  • 2018 NOAPS Finalist Spring on-line International. The painting "Portrait of Pippi".
  • 2018 8th Annual Figurative Art Exhibition. LightSpace & Time. 2nd place "Painting & Other Category, 4th place "Overall Category". The charcoaldrawing "Colors gradually turn grey".(Portrait of Inger Lise.) Category "Special Merit". The painting " Rich man,poor man,beggar man".
  • 2018 Top 100 Award "Artist of the Year" Circle Foundations. Lyon. France.
  • 2017 Finalist The exhibition "Portrait Now" The Carlsberg Portrait Award. Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark. The Ljungberg Museum. Sweden
  • 2016 NOAPS Finalist The Fall on-line International. The painting "Notorious"
  • 2016 First Prize Winner IGOA (international Gallery of the Arts) the competition "No Theme" The painting "Notorious"
  • 2014 Artavita 10th Competition, Winner
  • 2013 RayMar Art Painting Competition, Finalist, "Dead Ringer" Oil, 7th Annual Competition, Month 12
  • 2013 Boldbrush Painting Competition, Finalist, "Dead Ringer" Oil, December
  • 2013 RayMar Art Painting Competition, Finalist,"Beyond The Facade" Oil, 7th Annual Competition, Month 8
  • 2013 BoldBrush Painting Competiton, Winner of the Class,"Romeo & Juliette", Outstanding Watercolor Exhibition
  • 2011 - 2018 Art Renewal Center International Salon Finalist

Singulart. Paris. France.

Artmajeur. France.

Galeria Artelibre. Zaragoza. Spain

LightSpaceTime. Fl. USA.

Jessel Gallery. Napa Valley Ca. USA