C. S. Pietro

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C. S. Pietro

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Academic Classical artist

Born 1886 - Died 1918

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C.S. Pietro was born in 1886. He immigrated to the United States and was known as the 'New York Society Sculptor'. To mention but a few of his celebrated subjects, he sculpted such notables as J. P. Morgan, President William Taft, Enrico Caruso, John Muir, John Burroughs, the Vanderbilts, Henry Ford, Elihu Root, the Goulds, Professor Van Hise, and was commissioned by the United States Government to sculpt a "thank you" to France for the Statue of Liberty.

Pietro is listed in the 1913 Who's Who, and again in the 1942 volume of the same publication. He is also listed in the Smithsonian Institute. The artist has works in the Natural Museum of History in N.Y.C., the Peace Palace in the Hague, Boston Art Museum, Chmn. (soc), "Friends of the Young Artist", Toledo Art Museum, the William Booth Memorial in Philadelphia, etc. He work was often reviewed in the New York Times, and he was the subject of many articles in the most popular art journals and magazines of the time. He was the darling of the 'famous four hundred'. He had at least one famous student in Max Kalish (1891-1945).

C.S. Pietro died suddenly of the Great Influenza of 1918, at the early age of thirty two. The loss to Sculpture was compounded by the 1916 studio penthouse fire which claimed many of his works.

Starr Abbott ( artist's granddaughter )