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Igor V. Babailov

ARC Living Master TM

32 artworks

American 21st Century Realist artist

Born in Russia

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His Excellency V. V. Putin, The President of Russia

Oil on canvas

50.8 x 40.6 cms | 20 x 16 ins

Kremlin, Moscow, Russian Federation

For Gold, God and Glory

Oil on canvas

177.8 x 200.7 cms | 70 x 79 ins

Private collection, ,

My Grandmother told me... 1937

Oil on canvas

208.3 x 149.9 cms | 82 x 59 ins

Private collection, ,


Portrait of Pope John Paul II

Oil on canvas

152.4 x 121.9 cms | 60 x 48 ins

Vatican Museums, Roma, Italy


Pastel on paper

71.1 x 55.9 cms | 28 x 22 ins

Private collection, ,

Back to School

Oil on canvas

61 x 50.8 cms | 24 x 20 ins

Private collection, ,

Dillon and His Dog Cyrus

Oil on canvas

83.8 x 83.8 cms | 33 x 33 ins

Private collection, ,

Dinner for two

Oil on canvas

76.2 x 61 cms | 30 x 24 ins

Private collection, ,

Dr. Allan Sniderman

Oil on canvas

51 x 41 cms | 20 x 16 ins

Private collection, ,

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Master portrait and figurative artist, teacher, and spokesperson for the traditional school of classical realism, renowned artist, Igor V. Babailov, is a recipient of national and international competitions' awards and honors, and is a graduate of the acclaimed Surikov Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow, Russia.

A Master of Fine Arts, he has a strong belief in the Eternal Values offered by the artists of the Renaissance, which are Love and Respect for God's Creation, Appreciation of life's Harmony and Beauty without alterations, a knowledge of Anatomy, Perspective, Composition, Painting and Drawing Methods, and a must of the Drawing Skill, based on that Knowledge. Mr. Babailov says: "I love the life that surrounds me. I respect its history and I admire its future. To preserve it for our descendants the way it is, in its truth and beauty, is my duty and my goal as an artist."

Babailov's fine art education (1974-1990) belongs to the acclaimed Russian/European academic school of art. He is a third generation student of such masters as I. Repin, V. Serov, K. Korovin, and V. Favorskiy. They taught D. Kardovskiy, I. Grabar, A. Deineka, S. Gerasimov, famous artists who taught Mr. Babailov's professors. Babailov studied under renowned V. Zabelin, S. Andriaka, M. Kugach, I. Glazunov, V. Sherbakov, A. Kholmogorov, art historian M. Alpatov and other distinguished artists and professors of Fine Art.

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Babailov has painted numerous portraits of social, business and political elite. Recent notable commissions include portraits of the President of The United States of America, President George W. Bush, The President of Russia, President V. Putin, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and Nelson Mandela. Painting multi-figured murals is traditionally recognized as the highest achievement of the artistic expertise. Mr. Babailov's uniqueness as an artist is evident in his large-scale mural-size works such as the historical painting of the Columbus voyage to the Americas which received national and international acclaim and which was featured in a number of magazines and publications. He is currently working on a large mural entitled "Who Has to Suffer ... and Why?", a multi-figured composition dedicated to the children - the future of humanity. He is author and director of an international historical panorama project, presently underway.

In 1996, he organized the first official delegation of North American artists to Russia in conjunction with the Russian Duma and the Union of Artists, and recently taught at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art. Last year, the Russian government published a book on his life and works and a North American book is in progress. His portrait studio is in Long Island, New York.

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  • The Igor Babailov Institute of Realism

    Personal Accolades

    "... marvelous portraits!... "
    Henry A. Kissinger

    "... Thank you again for the wonderful portrait…I was glad to hear that
    you were able to stop by the office to see the painting on display ..."
    Rudolph W. Giuliani
    Giuliani Partners

    "... Thank you for a wonderful portrait painting."
    Hillary R. Clinton

    "The best young painter I've come across in my lifetime... The Michelangelo of today!"
    Frank Military
    Warner Chappel Music, Inc.

    "... Babailov's paintings, particularly his portraits, embrace and strengthen our traditional values and love for life."
    Senator Michael Pitfield

    "... His work is definitely of museum quality. The full-length portrait of our debutante daughter hangs in our salon next to famous painters of the 17th Century such as Lucca Giordano, Mattia Preti, and Andrea Vaccaro. How fortunate we are to have among us such a wonderfully skilled artist."
    Ambassador & Mrs.Ramiro Ruggiero
    Rome, Italy

    "... I have known Mr. Babailov since he successfully completed my portrait in oil ... great talent, remarkable personality!"
    Robert "Bobby" Hull

    "Igor has a 'Mighty Gift'. His art is a 'wake-up call' - a spiritual awakening ... According to scripture, - 'If you don't believe in me, then believe in the works that I do'. Igor's work is the tangible proof that God exists."
    Joan Porth
    Christian Spiritual Consultant

    "... This inspirational work has greatly impressed me and without a doubt remains outstanding in every way."
    Dr. V. Roger Lalli

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