Sidney H. Sime

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Sidney H. Sime

80 artworks

English Symbolist, Golden Age Illustrator, painter and illustrator

Born 1867 - Died 1941

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The partnership of illustrator Sidney H. Sime and fantasy writer Lord Dunsany (also poet, dramatist, and grand chess master and pistol champion of Ireland) is without peer in the annals of fantasy illustration. It is almost inconceivable to imagine a Dunsany story - with its exquisite fusion of elements from Greek and Celtic myths (Dunsany was friendly with Yeats and the writers of the Celtic Twilight), Arabian Nights adventure, and the solemn harmonies of the Old Testament - without the drawings of Sidney H. Sime. Sime has been called the "greatest imaginative artist since William Blake," and aside from their fin-de-siecle elegance, and delicacy of line recalling Persian miniatures, Sime's drawings manifest that rare faculty of being able to give definitive, and often uncanny, form to the poet's merest suggestions. Sime's work has some of that visionary symbolism of his contemporary, George Frederick Watts.