After You

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Arina Gordienko

Russian/British 21st Century Realist

After You


121.9 x 91.4 cms | 48 x 36 ins
Oil on Belgian linen

I was working on this painting during the long weeks of lockdown isolation. I think lots of people had their mood down and felt depressed and lonely. Maybe lots of people had the same thoughts as me - what if we all wiped off from the Earth by this pandemic virus?...what we leave behind?...what is left after us?...after you? empty wooden stretcher with no canvas on it because there is nobody left to paint a new work on it?...your phone charger?...a daylight bulb from your studio?...hipster sunglasses?... For how long we are here?...Is there any time left to paint a new work?... I don’t know. 

Nature is powerful and it will take over empty places and still be there as beautiful and wild as ever. I guess that Anthropocene, as a temporarily attempt to dominate, will be assimilated by nature as a weird and inevitably disappearing part of it.

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