Barche a remi - Isola di Capri

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Alana Knuff

born 1944


Barche a remi - Isola di Capri

40.6 x 50.8 x 1.9 cms | 16 x 20 x 0 3/4 ins
Oil on linen

When visiting Capri I was taken by the dories resting ashore. Once the main transport to the Blue Grotto, they remained a contrast to the busy motor launches. Time had passed on their usefulness. It was this that I wished to document in a painting. This piece was in the 19th Annual National Juried Exhibition of the American Impressionist Society.  Is is now in the American Society for Marine Artists 18th National Juries Exhibit.

These rowboats sitting ashore in the Grand Harbor of Capri speak of a time gone by.  Yesterday these were the romantic means of transporting tourtist to the Blue Grotto.  

2018 in American Impressionist Society 19th Annual Natinal Juried Exhibit

2020 in American Society of Marine Artists 18th National Juried Exhibit

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