Black Kite on Patrol

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Maegan Oberhardt

born 1997


Black Kite on Patrol


57 x 39 cms | 22 1/4 x 15 1/4 ins

As an artist and admirer of Australian wildlife, I have had the opportunity to experience several raptor species up close. I am continually impressed by their abilities and behaviours. Most amazing is to see them soaring through the sky! Their grace and agility in the air is always mesmerising.
I was fortunate enough to see a small group of Black Kites above the main road heading out of Wangaratta and I happened to have my camera in the car! It was a true delight to capture this one banking around as it surveyed the ground.

Although native to Australia, the Black Kite is also found across many other continents and considered to be the most abundant bird of prey in the world.  Most at home in the skies, they soar effortlessly while patrolling for available food.
They are one of the few raptor species which will gather in flocks that seize upon opportunities to feed where abundant sources are available. Black Kites have been seen during locust swarming. Being attracted to fire, they have recognised that escaping prey is one such occurrence. They will also scavenge the carrion left as a result. 

2021 Finalist in The Holmes Prize for realistic Australian Bird Art