Joey Scout

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Maegan Oberhardt

born 1997


Joey Scout


40 x 31 cms | 15 1/2 x 12 ins

Growing up in the wild, it is survival of the fittest and you have to learn quickly: which may seem challenging for one of Australia’s most laidback natives. Coming into teenage years the Koala starts venturing out on their own and learning for themselves what it’s like to forage among the treetops. Sometimes the best teacher for life is life itself. Falling out of the tree will teach you how to climb it better!

Koalas spend almost all of their day high in the treetops of Australia’s eucalyptus forests. Juveniles, referred to as ‘Joeys’, gradually develop their independence from their mothers by venturing out more and more, knowing mother remains close by to help build their confidence. Although they have natural instincts to rely on; they are still taught what is safe to eat, where to climb, and how to interact socially. Interference through the destruction of natural woodlands by land clearing and fires that destroy the forest canopy are among the most critical events impacting their survival.