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Han-Wu Shen


21st Century Realist artist


100 x 90 cms | 39 1/4 x 35 1/4 ins

The bloodline-ism has existed for a long time since the feudal society in China. Those people with this thought advocate strongly that a person's destiny, future career or social status would be majorly dominated by his/her lineage of ancestors and older generation. A well-known couplet then characterized this thought as to: Like father like son, as a hero; Like father like son, as an evil.

Since the found of the People's Republic of China, the people in mainland were classified as three social classes, which were "Red Five Category", "Black Five Category" and "Normal Working People".

The communist party and governors entrusted those who belonged to Red Five Category; and oppressed those who belonged to Black Five Category. The normal working people are in the middle in their social status. This was how the communist party classified the Chinese people.

A tag of the class status and the family origin could determine a person's destiny of his/her entire life. China was a society filled up with the sense of social stratum and human discrimination.

During the "Red Terror" of the Cultural Revolution period, the Bloodline-ism became extreme countrywide. It has made countless tragedies in China.

Red Five Category: Worker, Poor and lower-middle peasants, Revolutionary cadre, Revolutionary army man, Revolutionary intellectual. Their children were claimed to be the Red Descendants.
Black Five Category: Landlord, Rich peasant, Counterrevolutionary, Bad element, the Rightist. Their children were called sons of bitches and were treated like potential enemy.