Mediterranean Dreamlike Nonchalance

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Alain Amar

21st Century Realist

Mediterranean Dreamlike Nonchalance

46 x 65 cms | 18 x 25 1/2 ins

Painted  in Spain Costa blanca in the place called "las Rotas" near the town of Denia.

It was a wonderful morning of spring with this particular magnificent Mediterranean atmosphere.

Peaceful and mysterious feeling, opening the mind to contemplation and serene meditation.

Among the heart, the intellect and the Spirit, it is at first the heart which dominates in this painting, it means the perception of the feelings. The atmosphere is quiet, serene. It reigns this nonchalance of the peaceful mornings at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, with a diffuse, soft and white light. We imagine the felted and clear noise of the very smooth movements of the water on the rocks of the edge. An atmosphere which opens towards the infinity. Exactly an atmosphere convenient to the musing, to the meditation. And also an atmosphere convenient to the spiritual aspiration, to the interrogation on the infinity. The five men seems to roam aimlessly. They have all lowered head, as plunged into a reflection, an intimate meditation..

Painted in different layers of colors, each coat of which is left to dry before the next is added, thus leaving the artist-monk long intervals to spend in meditation. That needs Several working days distributed over several weeks and even months. Between five to ten layers called « glacis » which give a great wealth, subtlety and depth of colors.

Price on request.