Southern Boobook

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Maegan Oberhardt

born 1997


Southern Boobook


40 x 31 cms | 15 1/2 x 12 ins

Our smallest, most adorable owl can be found all over Australia. If you happen to be walking out and around the bush at night, be sure to keep an ear out as you’ll hear a *Boo-Book* before you might see one! This little guy was waiting for the sun to go down before starting his day or should I be saying ‘night’ of hunting. I guess he isn’t much of a morning person as he wasn’t very happy about being woken up! 

The Southern Boobook is the smallest, most common species of ‘hawk owl’, and inhabits the widest range of environments. Being carnivorous and nocturnal, they will hunt whatever food source is available that is small enough to consume. The variety allows opportunity, and this is one reason why they have flourished across different environments. Their repetitive two note call is so distinctive that they are often heard before they are seen.  Displacement through the destruction of natural habitat as well as introduced predatory threats continue to challenge localised populations.