The Light of Men

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Arina Gordienko

21st Century Realist

The Light of Men

69 x 48 cms | 27 x 18 3/4 ins
Oil on Belgian linen

This painting is part of 'Your Best Painting' virtual exhibition organized by Artelibre in collaboration with the MEAM Museum, which shows that we do not need to go beyond our doors to get closer to the work of great figurative artists today. Stop by the virtual gallery at

The title of the painting is ‘The Light of Men’. The light of life, where the sunrise is always comes after darkness. The quote from John can describe what I mean by this painting: ‘…And life was the light of men. Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it’. The Life is so fragile... I see humans’ souls as fragile lights of fireflies in the dark - it is so easy to break this light. And if I am able, as an artist, to transfer this light onto my paintings, maybe I keep and increase this light in the world? I so much hope - I do.

This is a portrait of my son and my grandson. They bring light into my life. When I look at them I know that life continues and there is a sense in that.

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