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536 Calle R. M. Clemencia Borja Taboada, Juriquilla, Mexico

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The Academy of Realist Art Mexico (ARAM) opened its doors in the city of Querétaro in January 2020, with the aim of bringing to Mexico a professional teaching of classical-realist art focused on drawing, painting and sculpture.

ARAM seeks to offer its students the highest level of knowledge by developing a strong technique based on methodologies used in the 19th Century European Academies. ARAM carefully designed a program that teaches students through observation, analysis, and practice to achieve skilled-eyed artists capable of expressing creativity.

The aim of ARAM is to be able to bring back some of the techniques that are absent in contemporary art. For realist art to become part of society again, it is imperative that new artists are professionally trained. For the first time in Mexico the doors are opened to this classical formation.

The Academy of Realist Art Mexico seeks to develop students with a solid technique based on traditional artistic methodologies in a professional way. The student will generate critical thinking and will be able to use the resources offered to complete their academic projects and eventually personal projects.

The teaching method leads the student to study directly from nature and from the old Masters as a point of reference to achieve control over their drawing, painting and sculpture technique. The student will master the block in, sight size and comparative measurement methodologies, which will be practiced throughout the entire program.

Founded 2020
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English,Spanish
Part-Time Instructors 1
Full-Time Instructors 6
Students 9
Accommodation No

Part time: MXN 67800 / year

Full time: MXN 111000 / year

Academy of Realist Art Mexico

536 Calle R. M. Clemencia Borja Taboada

Juriquilla, Qro., Mexico

Raquel Basurto

Program Director and Co-founder

(Mexico City 1992-) Engineer in Digital Systems and Robotics from Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores Monterrey 2016. She worked for Procter and Gamble at a manufacturing plant in Guanajuato Mexico from 2014 to 2019, having different roles such as Distribution Replenishment Planner and Mexico Inventory owner in Logistics, Process Engineer for several packaging lines in operations, and Operations Manager for the Quality Assurance and Control department having a +30 people team under her charge. On 2019 she started working on La Criba Art School as CFO. She founds the Academy of Realist Art Mexico (ARAM) on January 2020, taking the role of Program Director on top of her responsibilities as CFO of La Criba Art School. Raquel started the half time program for realist Art at ARAM in February 2020.

Adriana Ruiz Zamitiz

General Director

(Mexico City 1963-) Bachelor in Graphic Design from Universidad autónoma Metropolitana UAMA. Master in Art Apprasial from Grupo ESNECA Formación Spain. Has taken various plastics arts courses as oil painting and sculpture with different Instructors achieving collective and individual exhibitions in Queretaro and Mexico City. She also has had temporal and permanent exhibitions in public road at Queretaro City. Founder of the advertising agency Bozeta Diseño, where she worked on advertising and professional photography, giving service for 30 years as the General Director. In 2014 she founded La Criba Art School where more than 14 different plastic arts courses are taught. After 6 years being involved in the Art Education world, she perceived a lack in Mexico for Art professional studies, since the interested population was in the need to study abroad. Having this in mind, she participated in the foundation of The Academy of Realist Art Mexico (ARAM) on January 2020, to bring professional education in classical realist art. She currently is the General Director of La Criba and ARAM.

Thibault Barrere

Human Figure Instructor

French artist born in Grenoble in 1988. His interest in the arts began very early and in 2012 this led him to Florence to study at The Angel Academy of Art, where he completed the fundamental drawing and painting program. In addition to painting, Thibault expanded his specialty areas to printmaking and sculpture. The same that he learned through specialized courses he took in Florence while studying painting. Since then, Barrére has been exploring traditional painting techniques. Following recipes from the great masters of the past as well as those contemporaries, Thibault found a passion in the creation of his pigments and media in addition to the construction and preparation of his fabrics and frames. He begins to develop his works from sketches of his imagination that are followed by studies from a live model. The narrative of his work is based on various mythologies, with the purpose of obtaining a greater understanding of humanity. Find inspiration in the Baroque movement, especially in the design, color palette and light management that dominated in that era. His journey through the art world has led him to live in different countries, including Bulgaria, Italy and France. His work has been selected in several painting competitions of great importance.

Paola Ripoll

Human Figure Instructor

She is a Mexican painter from the city of Querétaro. At an early age she was attracted to the art world. She began her training in art classes with the Mexican artists Andrea Avendaño and later Román Miranda. Her interest in learning more led her to take drawing painting courses in Milan and Florence, until she finally settled in the latter to begin her formal training at The Angel Academy of Art from where she graduated in June 2018. During her time in Italy, Ripoll had the opportunity to meet and learn from great contemporary painters such as César Santos and Jura Bedic. She complemented her studies with some courses at The Florence Academy of Art and with drawing lessons with the great Russian artist Sergey Churbiko in his atelier: Bottega Chiaro Scuro. Paola's work has been selected for various exhibitions in Europe (including an exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam), Mexico, and can also be found in private collections.

Cristina Zamora

Sculptor Instructor

Mexican sculptor, born in Rome Italy where her parents Mario Zamora and Margarita Zamora studied Plastic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. From an early age she became interested in art, especially sculpture that she used to practice while her parents worked in their workshops. She showed great skills in modeling and drawing. She grew up in an artistic family environment of painters, sculptors, and singers. As a young woman she worked as an apprentice for 3 years in hier father's workshop and three years in her mother's. Influenced by great teachers like Miguel Ángel B., j. L. Bernini, Leonardo Da Vinci, Titian and A. Rodin, set up her own workshop to carry out her personal work. Her work has been exhibited on La Isla de Cozumel, in the Federal District in several galleries. Cristina has taught sculpture in her workshop for over 35 years. Her style is mainly realistic, figurative, (human figure), she has also made several portraits, as well as copies of archaeological pieces and her creative work.

Tsune Orozco

Human Figure Instructor

(Mexico City 1977-) Graduated in Visual Arts from the Faculty of Arts and Design (FAD) of UNAM, he has worked as a digital artist, illustrator and animator, in Mexico and abroad, in fields ranging from: videogames for mobile platforms, illustrations for interactive and collectible card games up to architectural render. He has more than 10 years of experience working in digital media and teaches figure drawing with a model at the Tecnológico de Monterrey and different spaces in Mexico City. He studied the Master of Arts in Teaching and Design at UNAM, during which he did a research stay at The Masters Academy of Art in Utah, United States, under the direct supervision of Ryan S. Brown, director of the Academy, studied in Florence Academy of Art. His project seeks to resume teaching figure drawing with an academic style and a realistic approach, and the creation of a space dedicated to this artistic approach.

Cristian Uriel Galan

Art History Instructor

He has a degree in Art History from the University of Morelia, graduated in 2015. Instructor of Art History, History of Mexican Art and Contemporary Art in different universities since 2016. He considers that art is a language that connects us with other times and other places, but also with ourselves, transforming us into more sensitive people, with our own reality and with the relationship we have with what surrounds us. He does not lose hope that through art, the knowledge of its history and its evolution over time, and an active and attentive look at what it offers us, a change will be generated, which will make us return to what that makes us human.

Capacidad de Asombro


Dinámica de lo Efímero

Saint Jerome

Proceso de desfragmentación


La Máscara



Madre Osa

San Stefano


Self Portrait at 30

Self portrait

Self portrait

Academic work IX Messico

Academic work VIII

Eggs and glass

Egg and nest

Objects from Orient




Self Portrait

Arm Study

Figure Study


Santiago 2018

Week 3


Psyche de Naples

Bargues arm 2

Bargues Head

Bargues Head 2

Foot Cast

Bargues hand

Bargues Head 4

Bargues foot

Bargues foot 2

Human Figure

Bargues foot 4

Bargues leg

Bargues leg 2

Bargues body

Cast drawing David mouth

Cast drawing David mouth 2

Cast drawing David eye

Cast drawing David eye 2

Sculpture David mouth

Sculpture hand

Sculpture David eye

Sculpture ear

Human Figure

Human Figure 2

Human Figure 3

Human Figure 4

Human Figure 5

Human Figure 6

Human Figure 7

Foot Cast

Foot Cast

Foot Cast

Foot Cast


Human Figure