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Russborough House, Blessington, Wicklow, Ireland

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As part of our Academy programme the Schoolhouse for Art is introducing an intensive 160 hours accredited Atelier course.

This academic art training is based on 19th century French and Russian Ateliers that many of the great masters of the past 200 years were trained and where they gained their experience in the craft of drawing and painting.

Academy trained painter and artist Will Nathans will be guiding students through this in-depth and accredited Atelier training. Students will complete a series of projects designed to measure their progress and mastery of precise techniques.

This course curriculum is based on key projects of increasing complexity aimed towards working from the life model in a colour oil palette while also developing a solid foundation in drawing and design basics. Each of the projects can be broken down into weekly and overall goals for the people attending. Will Nathans will be completing a series of demonstrations for each project.

Students have the opportunity to continue the course each semester to persue a full portfolio of Atelier work; bargue & cast drawing and paintings, working from life and finally a graduate piece.

Our studio is housed in the West Wing courtyard of Russborough House. On your walk to our studio past the grand main house on your right hand side and the incredible view of the Wicklow mountains on your left hand side you have an endless source of inspiration and constant muse. Russborough House has one of the most important private collections of European fine and decorative arts in Ireland, including world class furniture, silver, porcelain and, of course, paintings.


This program is designed specifically to help give students the necessary fundamentals in the craft of drawing and painting which in turn will ultimately lead to their own mastery and voice for their art.

Figure Drawing & Painting - Working weekly with the nude figure (male/female), students will complete a series sight-size life drawings & paintings. Progressing through techniques of figurative drawing, perfecting skills through pencil, charcoal, grisaille & oil painting. This module results in a complete understanding of the human form and the flesh palette in oils is mastered. ::

Bargue Drawing & Copying - The Bargue Drawing method focuses on sight-size copying of the Old Masters Plates as perfectly as possible. This precise study teaches artists to see distances, lengths and angles, as well as seeing and depicting both light and shade using a two-dimensional reference.

Cast Drawing & Painting - Cast Drawing is the next exercise. Cast drawing teaches you to see ‘form’ in three dimensions and transfer it with meticulous detail in pencil/charcoal to a two dimensional surface - the drawing paper. Following this stage the same technique will be used to apply oil to canvas replicating the cast. This practise teaches the mastery of values.

Founded 2013
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Accreditation CPD Accredititation
Part-Time Instructors 1
Full-Time Instructors 1
Students 12
Accommodation No

Full time: EUR 2495 / semester

Schoolhouse for Art

The Square

Enniskerry, A98 RH33, Ireland

Neil Condron


Following a 35 year in the graphic design industry Neil decided to follow ‘his dream’ and pursue his love of painting in 2008. Neil considers himself a ‘mature’ student of ”Galleries, Google, YouTube and anywhere else I can study how other artists do it – graduating anytime soon is unlikely!”. Neil’s evocative painting ‘upon small shoulders‘ was bought by singer/songwriter Sinéad O’Connor and used as the image for her current album ‘How about I be me and you be you’. He enjoys painting in oils and pastels and digging his hands in clay. His forté is portraiture. Neil is the founder/director of the Schoolhouse for Art.

Will Nathans


Will Nathans has established his artistic career through the genres of portraiture and landscape painting within the tradition of representational oil painting. His main aspiration is to produce beautiful works of art and to establish himself as a premier portrait painter. Will believes it is his lifelong goal and responsibility to pass on the knowledge that he has gained within this great tradition to other generations as well as instill a solid work ethic and true devotion to the craft of painting and drawing. He was educated at the Academy of Realist Art, Toronto, Ontario, and then at the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY . Will has been a guest art instructor at a number of Irish and US schools. His work comprises many private collections in the USA and Ireland. He has illustrated for 20th Century Fox, ABC Family and his Freelance Portrait and Landscape Portfolio is immense.

Nina Ruminska


Nina is a Polish painter, living in Ireland, with a particular love for portraiture. Using the traditional technique of oil painting she depicts people in neutral, relaxed poses, often in a larger context - an interior that reflects the character, or landscape - to convey a certain mood or feeling. Each painting attempts to express the emotional landscape of being human through composition and colour. She received classical training from Florence Academy of Classical Art and Sergey Chubirko’s “Chiaro-scuro” atelier. Finalist in Sky Art Portrait Artist of the Year Season 9 (2022).

Upon Small Shoulders - Neil Condron

Julietta by Will Nathans

Nude Figure by Will Nathans

I'm Sinking by Nina Ruminska

Bargue drawing in progress

Bargue Drawing in progress

Bargue Drawing in progress

Life Drawing in progress

Cast Drawing in progress

Cast drawings in progess

Atelier Interior 1

Atelier Interior 2



Russborough House

The stunning landscape at our studio

12 August 2024 to 16 August 2024

Chiaroscuro Portrait Painting Charles Miano

Schoolhouse for Art, Enniskerry, Wicklow, wicklow A98 RH33

795 EUR

Join Charles Miano on an expressive exploration of character and costume in his unique classical approach to portrait painting. 


23 June 2024 to 28 June 2024

Full Costumed Portrait in Oils Experience Rebecca Tait

The Square, Enniskerry, Wicklow, Wicklow A98 RH33

895 EUR

Rebecca teaches this in an entertaining, dynamic way that enhances retention of all the information you will glean during this workshop!