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28 Warner St, Oakleigh, Melbourne, Australia

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Our Story

AMAA was founded in 2019 with the goal of creating a unique platform in Australia to provide rigorous, in-depth training and knowledge that is inspired by centuries of studio practice. The vision of the academy emerged due to the lack of technical training within Australia. For many art students, it is unimaginable to afford the time and the expense of training overseas. AMAA was established to support the needs of students seeking a traditional art education inspired by Renaissance and 19th Century European Academies, combined with a modern approach.

Our founder Surya Murali who trained at The Florence Academy Of Art, has worked to establish an academy that would offer a complete skills based education based on practical training and the methods of various academies of the 19th and 21st centuries. His vision was to create a place of selfless education, where only the progress of the student matters. It was essential to have professional teachers who share similar beliefs. AMAA does not promote a specific art style, but rather teaches strong foundational & technical skills, to allow students to discover their own signature styles. Early 2023 we moved into a larger studio space in Oakleigh, Melbourne with a vision to provide a dedicated studio with natural south light focusing on classical realism.


Why Atelier Melbourne Art Academy?

AMAA is an Art Academy strictly focusing on improving the drawing skills of our students. Our teachers provide world class training, with methods used by ateliers in Europe and USA. We have an extensive collection of casts imported from Florence, Italy, which are used in the development of the student's observational skills. Our teachers are professional artists who encourage and challenge students to continuously improve their skills through our specialized skills-based training. With a faculty of academically trained artists from The Florence Academy of Art and The Swedish Academy of Realist Art, we offer a comprehensive, multi-staged fine art course of disciplined study. We integrate rigorous studio instruction in drawing and painting with a twenty-first century approach to practicing art.

By providing one on one critiques and an individualized approach, our teaching emphasizes the students' personal growth, skills and creativity.


Who is it for?

Keen students who are seeking to learn highest level of drawing and painting through skills based education. Studying at AMAA focuses and emphasize the importance of drawing (particularly from nature and model), as a means to gaining skill in drawing and painting. Through intense observation, students are able to develop a visual literacy and skill they need to express their artistic ideas, creativity and reach their greatest potential that will not only serve the artists as a professional in the fine arts but also play a part in revival of realism. Students are not required to have had any previous training for entry into Lev-1 (Beginners). Only requirement is to have a passion to learn art in the classical realism style. Students seeking direct entry into Level-2 (Intermediate) will need to have training from a similar atelier like AMAA.



Part time Saturday 10 week term. Four terms per year.

Full time program 2025


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Founded 2019
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Part-Time Instructors 3
Full-Time Instructors 1
Students 30
Accommodation No

Part time: AUD 1320 / semester

Full time: AUD 5900 / semester

28 Warner St

Oakleigh, VIC, 3166, Australia

Surya Murali

Director & Principal Instructor

Murali Surya is a Realist Artist who has passionately embraced drawing and painting since his early school days. He is inspired by the Natural Realism including Human Figure, Portraiture and the vast life in Nature. He has exhibited his artwork in many avenues and also has got recognition number of times. He has been commissioned to make murals in Melbourne to be used as backdrops for classical concerts and events. He has also been commissioned to make portraits of prominent Individuals in the community. Being inspired by the Masters he traveled to Global Art Capital - Florence, Italy to learn and experience the ‘Classical Art’ in an academic manner. He graduated in the studies of advanced Drawing and Painting from Florence Academy of Art, Italy in 2019. Murali mainly works with oils & charcoal. He also explores water colors and other contemporary mediums frequently.

In 2019 Murali Founded Atelier Melbourne Art Academy (AMAA) to provide skills based training for artists who are keen to learn Classical methods of Drawing and Painting in Melbourne, Australia.

Matthew McIntosh

Principal Instructor

Matthew is a representational painter based in Melbourne. He completed a Diploma of Visual Arts at RMIT University in 2016. In 2019, he moved to Sweden to pursue his studies at The Swedish Academy of Realist Art. In his second year, he undertook the role of Anatomy teacher, and in his third year served as a student teacher. He's not only passionate about painting, but also about sharing his knowledge.

Matthew is bringing excellent skills and is excited to be a part of AMAA, with the vision of providing effective instruction in drawing and painting, and developing the representational art community in Melbourne. Matthew is trained in the comparative measurement method and is passionate about its use for Realist Art training

Robert Kelly

Principal Instructor

Robert Kelly was born in Melbourne in 1988. After completing his studies in Science at the University of Melbourne, he traveled to Italy to train at the Florence Academy of Art. After graduating he became a principal Instructor at the Academy as well as teaching in the school’s ongoing intensive workshop courses. Continuing to teach and work there for another 4 years. In 2018 Robert returned to Australia to continue his career in painting. A move primarily driven by portraiture and the desire to paint the Australia Landscape. He strives to achieve the highest standard of craftsmanship and traditional technique, in doing so becoming an observer of natural light and the intricate way it reveals life, colour and impression.

Georgina Mills

Visiting Instructor Sculpture

Georgina Mills is a South Australian figurative sculptor and art instructor who, between 2015 and late 2020, lived, studied and taught in Florence, Italy. Georgina primarily works from life, generally the nude, interpreting her concepts in clay. This translation is then cast, with bronze being her preferred medium.

Georgina has trained locally and internationally at the Adelaide College of the Arts (BA-Sculpture); University of South Australia (GradDip – Arts and Event Cultural Management); and the Florence Academy of Art, Italy (Advanced Sculpture).  At the Florence Academy of Art she was awarded a Winter and Spring Scholarship (2017), Outstanding Performance in Écorché Sculpture (2017), and Best Écorché Sculpture (2018).

Graduation from the Florence Academy of Art (2018) was a pivotal point in Georgina’s career when she was awarded a Graduate in Residence position (2019). During this time she created work that was exhibited internationally at the European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona (2019). Other notable exhibitions to date include Florence Academy of Art Faculty Show, Florence (2019); finalist in the online Arts Renewal Centre Salon, United States (2019 & 2022); Tom Bass Prize, Sydney (2020 & 2022); Sheltering with Art, Florence Academy of Art Faculty Exhibition, Online (2020); The Main Gallery, Adelaide (2021); The David Roche Foundation, North Adelaide (2022).


Treasures from Arezzo

Self Portrait

Cast Painting

Figure Painting

Cast Drawing


Matt 1

Matt 2

Matt 3

Rob Kelly 1

Portrait Rob Kelly

Georgina 1

Georgina - Ruby

student work

Student work

student work

student work

Student 3

Student 8

Final cast Matt

Still life 1 Sheree

Still life 1 Leanne

Bargue Drawing - Craig

Model room

Student studio

Student studio

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