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1501 10th Ave E, Seattle, United States

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The Classical Atelier is structured around working from the model every morning, Monday through Friday. In the afternoons, students work on curriculum projects in their own dedicated studio space in the building under the guidance of instructors. 

The first year in the Classical Atelier is dedicated to drawing. Second year students learn to paint in grisaille, and then a limited warm-cool palette. Third Year students learn to master high-chroma color and the use of a full palette, and in their Fourth Year, students synthesize what they've learned and work with instructors to build a body of work. 

Throughout the week students receive one-on-one critiques and mentorship from Co-Directors Paul Rosiak and Larine Chung, and from a staff of teaching artists. 

In addition to this core training, students have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions throughout the year, reading and discussion groups, anatomy and art history lectures, plein air painting sessions, sculpting courses, and additional optional portrait sessions in the evenings.


Core Schedule: 

Attendance is required Monday - Friday 9:30am - 4:30pm 



Artists are accepted into the program with different levels of experience and training. The core belief of the program is that anyone can learn to draw and paint. Classical Atelier Directors give serious consideration to students regardless of their prior experience if they show a serious work ethic and a strong desire to learn in an atelier environment. 



Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Part-Time Instructors 1
Full-Time Instructors 3
Students 17
Accommodation No

Full time: EUR 9650 /

1501 10th Ave. East, #101

Seattle, WA, United States

Larine Chung


Larine Chung is a Seattle based artist painting in the tradition of contemporary realism. Fueled by her unyielding curiosity, Chung's works are rooted in everyday life. Her mixed cultural backgrounds inform her art, lacing her eastern sensibility with the depiction of western motifs, presenting underlying tension of duality merging into oneness. Chung trained in the Aristides Atelier (2006-2009) after receiving her BFA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Chung continues to explore the language of painting after graduation with Antony Ryder, Spanish painters Golucho and Antonio Lopez Garcia. Prior to her pursuit in art, Chung majored in Biochemistry and was trained as a classical pianist in her youth. Chung has had 7 solo shows thus far with an upcoming one scheduled to be held in the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Paul Rosiak


Paul Rosiak is an artist and Co-Director of the full-time Classical Atelier at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, Washington. He graduated from the four-year Aristides Drawing and Painting Atelier, after which he continued his studies with a variety of artists. Before pursuing art, he studied philosophy and literature at Claremont McKenna College. He has attended the Hudson River Landscape Fellowship multiple years and participates in plein air events nationally. He teaches multiple workshops at the Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier every year. His work has been featured in Southwest Art, Realism Today, International Artist, Plein Air Magazine, and he exhibits in galleries and museums throughout the country. His passion is for guiding students in the Classical Atelier along their journey towards mastery, helping them achieve the highest level of fundamental skills they can, as well as a new way of seeing empowered by creative expression.

David Dwyer

Teaching Artist

David Dwyer is a 2007 graduate of the Aristides Classical Drawing and Painting Atelier at Gage Academy. He has been involved as a teaching assistant in the program since 2008, with interest in figure drawing, still life painting, and artistic anatomy. He exhibits his work locally and nationally, has been featured in the books Classical Drawing Atelier, Classical Painting Atelier, Lessons in Classical Drawing and Lessons in Classical Painting, has participated in Frye Museum's Remastered program and has led specialized workshops for artists and educators.



Garden Roses





Love Note

Mike and Shawna


Plein Air Sketch

Pastel Figure Drawing






Love Letter For You

Mercy of Time

Gummy World

Pigeon Standing


First year Life Room Drawing

First Year Cast Drawing

Second Year Warm Cool Study

Third Year Student Work

Third Year Student Work Self Portrait

Still Life Limited Palette

First Year Cast Drawing

Second Year Painting

Second Year Drapery Grisaille Painting

First Year Charcoal Drawing

Madison Studio

Natural Light Studios

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Student Studio Space

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