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Website: http://www.edinburghatelier.com

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67 Commercial St, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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The Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art (EAFA) is committed to the continuance of traditional modes of teaching drawing and painting and creating the new masters of today.

Through learning the time honoured methods of the nineteenth century academies, artists first master the language of drawing and painting, building a pathway to more truthful expression. Just as musicians must first learn their instrument or writers must study language before they can articulate their creativity, the visual artist must achieve the skill set that will unlock their creative potential. When the artist can confidently paint the most technically demanding of subjects, they are truly only limited by their imagination. Through study and commitment, the Academy students open themselves to new levels of artistic freedom.

No previous experience is assumed, and no portfolio presentation is required for admission. We welcome all levels of experience from complete novice to professional artist. We believe artistic skill can be learned like any other skill such as writing, music, or learning a language. Even the highest standards of achievement can be reached through simple step by step instruction.

Our instructors give one to one guidance and tailor tuition to meet the personal goals of each student who studies with us.

Our self-paced curriculum allows for flexible learning opportunities. With full or part-time options, students progress at a pace best suited to them. Daytime, evening and weekend hours available.

Our progressive curriculum is designed to build on achievements gained at each stage. These stages include:

  • Charles Bargue drawings in graphite
  • Charcoal cast drawings
  • Cast paintings
  • Full colour still life paintings
  • Figure drawing
  • Figure painting

EAFA also offers a number of one or two-week workshops and personalised short courses, where participants can develop high level skills in a range of academic styles and media, from Old Master techniques and red chalk drawing to portrait, figure, still life and landscape painting.

A tour of the studio is available by appointment and prospective students are welcome to join us for a free taster day.

Website http://www.edinburghatelier.com
Email hello@edinburghatelier.com
Founded 2011
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Instructors Ewan McNaughton, Nick Anderson
Part-Time Instructors 2
Full-Time Instructors 3
Students 35
Accommodation No

Part time: GBP 3200 / year

Full time: GBP 6200 / year

Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art

65-67 Commercial St

Edinburgh, Scotland, EH6 6LH, United Kingdom


Ewan McNaughton


In his belief that any artist should have the opportunity to learn the technical skills and draftsmanship that are the foundations for realist art, Ewan opened Academy of Realist Art in Edinburgh in 2012. Now with its evolution into the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art, his continued goal is to create opportunity for artists to receive the training that they have always been looking for. As well as teaching full-time at EAFA, Ewan teaches art classes to community groups, gives lectures to art club organisations, teaches workshops throughout Europe and North America and has written instructional articles in internationally distributed art publications.

Lea Vaughn

Instructor/Atelier Manager

Lea is an award winning American artist born in 1972. In her youth she was always transfixed with representational art and followed that interest by enrolling in programmes at Brenau College in the US and Carnegie College in Scotland. Through years of art education being encouraged to explore progressively looser interpretations of art, Lea kept finding herself returning again and again to the ideals of representational art and the purity of blending strong technical skills with creativity. Her main area of interest lay in figurative works and portraiture. She joined the Edinburgh Atelier in 2013 and teaches classes and workshops both in Scotland and internationally.

Piper von Paris

Sculpture Instructor

Piper von Paris is a classically trained figurative sculptor, specializing in portraiture and figurative art. Her passion for representational art began at an early age and led her to train with renowned artists throughout the UK and US. She holds a deep appreciation for anatomy, geometry, and rhythm of form, which she believes are paramount to accurately capturing a subject in the round.

Piper’s favourite area of study is portraiture because of the unique challenges it presents - accurately depicting structure and form while still preserving the humanity and personality of her subjects.

Instructor - Still Life by Atelier Image

Instructor - Still Life by Atelier Image

Instructor - Cast Painting by Atelier Image

Master copy after Bouguereau

Ivy and Oranges

Two for Joy

Borja as Ribeira

Repose by Ewan McNaughton

Cast Drawing Student

Student Cast Drawing

Student Cast Painting

Student Cast Painting

Student Cast Drawing

Student Bargue Drawing

Ecorche figure study

Cast Painting

Sight-size cast drawing

Student Figure painting

Student figure study

figure study after Fortuny



Lord of the Rings still-life


Still-life with skull

figure study after Fortuny

Figure Drawing Class by Atelier Image

Atelier by Atelier Image