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8 11th Jamboree, Quezon City, Philippines

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The Galvez Atelier Classical Program is designed by teaching artist, Alfred Galvez.  The classes are arranged in sequence according to increasing difficulty. The range of available classes can accommodate students across the learning spectrum: enthusiasts who engage in art as part of leisure, practicing artists who need to enrich themselves and re-learn a solid foundation in creative practice, and aspiring artists who are preparing for a career in art or a Fine Arts talent test.  

The Classical Program is meant to provide a strong foundation in classical techniques. Classes in the program are not only designed to teach skills but also to train students how to see and understand the interplay of the formal elements and principles seen in an artwork. 

Galvez Atelier offers a curriculum with a sequence of classes carefully designed to help the student develop in drawing and painting. This method is akin to the practice in European ateliers of the past. However, this is a timeless approach that has worked throughout the history of humanity and across cultures. It is implemented at the atelier to provide the proper foundations for the learner to know how to create works that possess intrinsic excellence. The program then offers modular classes to continue one’s artistic education. 

Founded 2017
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Part-Time Instructors 4
Full-Time Instructors 4
Students 15
Accommodation Yes

Part time: USD 230 / month

Full time: USD 750 / month

Galvez Atelier

8 11th Jamboree

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Jessa Almirol

Galvez Atelier is home to teaching artists with experience in commercial galleries and art fairs. One of them, Jessa Marie Almirol, is a graduate of Far Eastern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Painting at the Fine Arts Program. Prior to this, she took courses in Advertising. Jessa used to be an in-house artist at the Big and Small Gallery and has had numerous group shows in galleries, art fairs, and other events. She was part of an exhibition called “Kalayaan”, staged at the Vietnam National Museum in Ho Chi Minh City. Jessa makes it a point to nurture the innate talent she sees in her students. Reacting on the growing influence of Filipino artists in ASEAN, she mused:

“It is important for visual artists to display their ideas with precision and refinement so that they may connect with their audience effectively. Being in an atelier is a great opportunity to achieve that. Galvez Atelier provides a suitable place for creating art and supports both teaching artist and student in their efforts so that they may realize their full potential.”

Alfred Galvez

Atelier Director

Alfred Galvez was exposed to Filipino masters at an early age. After spending much of his childhood in Davao City, he studied at the Philippine Highschool for the Arts in Makiling, Laguna. Eventually, Galvez studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman. At 17, he became an apprentice of Mariano Madarang from the Philippine Women’s University. He trained in the restoration and conservation of the paintings of Fernando Amorsolo, Carlos Francisco, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, and Juan Luna. Keen to develop his expertise, Alfred travelled to international shores in 2007 and studied under Marco Cavallini. The Bottega Arte in Florence, Italy is esteemed for trompe l’oeil techniques. Aside from the traditional Florentine approach to murals, the studio was also known for the architectural illusionistic technique called quadraturism. The artistic practice of Galvez ranges from portraits, murals, faux finishes transform the abode into a resplendent space. Alfred Galvez established AG murals in 2003. Together with younger muralists, he established MIKRA FAUX. The Kuwentong Diwata Series of Alfred Galvez have enthralled many art audiences and have been exhibited in galleries in Metro Manila. Pinoiserie, a series inspired by Filipino rural sceneries and leitmotifs invented by Galvez was also well received by gallerists and interior design specialists.

Ricky Ambagan


Ricky Ambagan is a graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Fine Arts. To his credit are numerous solo exhibitions in art galleries in Manila, most of them staged in Galerie Anna. He has also participated in group exhibitions in Galerie Anna, Art Anton, Galerie Roberto, to name only a few. Ambagan has also exhibited at the Art Fair Philippines, Manila Art, the Erehwon Center for the Arts, and the National Museum. He has participated in several art competitions under the Government Services Insurance System, Philippine Art Awards, the Art Association of the Philippines, Metrobank, Petron, Shell, and others sponsored by companies from the private sector. While Ambagan believes that talent is innate, he insists on the value of discipline and hard work to “awaken the sleeping giant” in all of us. For Ambagan, Galvez Atelier will provide the basic foundations for being a good artist. “Before you break rules or foundations, make sure you first acquire the rules and proper foundation,” he says.

Jomari Caya


Jomari Caya is taking up Fine Arts with a Major in Visual Communication at the University of the Philippines Diliman. He finished a Special Program in the Arts in Batasan Hills National Highschool. Aside from his participation in 1 group exhibition in 2018, Jomari already has several citations to date. He was a finalist in the UP Gawad Pangulo on-the-spot painting competition. He also has several championships in on-the-spot painting competitions. Jomari also works on murals, layouts, book illustrations, digital paintings, and photography.

Abby Manuel


Maria Audrey Sabrina “Abby” Q. Manuel is a graduate of De La Salle College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts, with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts (2015). She has been working as a multi-media designer for various projects. She decided to learn the foundations of classical art by studying under Alfred Galvez. Today, she counts among the youngest teaching-artists of Galvez Atelier.

Rosden Neri


Mary Rosden Tawny M. Neri is currently completing a Certificate of Fine Arts in Painting at the University of the Philippines Diliman (2017-ongoing). Previously, she was enrolled in the BS Architecture program of Mapua University. As an artist, she has participated in several exhibits in Metro Manila (2017-2018). She enjoys making polymer clay sculptures and other crafts in her spare time. 


Angelica Regala


Maria Angelica Regala is a graduate of the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts, with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts (2015). Under the tutelage of Alfred Galvez, Angelica learned the Bargue Method for drawing and the rigors of cast drawing and traditional oil painting (2015-2018). Previously, she enrolled in drawing and painting workshops at the Ateneo De Manila University (2010) and the Brown Bauhaus Architectural Drawing and Color Rendering (2012). At this time she was still a high school student at St. Theresa's College, Quezon City (2011). Angelica worked as a freelance illustrator for Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, The Philippine Star, Heima Store, Scout Magazine, Adobo Magazine. However, she wanted to pursue further studies and immerse further in the world of art. She then went on a European sojourn and studied at the Florence of Academy of Art (2018). At the academy, Angelica went through an intensive program in Drawing, Painting, and Art History.

Wanda Totanes


Wanda Totanes is currently a fstudent at University of the Philippines, Diliman. Despite having a background in science, she tries to find ways to reconcile art and science. In her free time, she uses mainly oil and watercolor for painting portraits. She has studied classical art under the apprenticeship of Alfred Galvez, especially in oil techniques. Wanda is the champion of the 12th Annual ARC (Art Renewal Center) Salon da Vinci Initiative and was given a scholarship to any ARC approved program. Her painting "Perception of Self" was exhibited at the Salmagundi Club, New York City. Wanda is the champion of the 12th Annual ARC (Art Renewal Center) Salon da Vinci Initiative and was given a scholarship to any ARC approved program. Her painting "Perception of Self" was exhibited at the Salmagundi Club, New York City.

Portrait of Lola by instructor Angelica Regala

"Conversion Of St. Paul" (Omaggio to Michaelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio) by Instructor Ricky Ambagan

Manny Pacquiao by Atelier Director Alfred Galvez

"Andromeda And The Sea Monster" (Omaggio to Domenico Guidi) by Instructor Ricky Ambagan

"Do Your Best Grandpa" Omaggio to Antonio Rotta by instructor Ricky Ambagan

Promised" (Omaggio to Federico Andreotti) by instructor Ricky Ambagan

Still life by instructor Angelica Regala

Figure Study by Instructor Angelica Regala

Portrait by Instructor Angelica Regala

Captives by Instructor Alfred Galvez

Spolarium by Atelier Director Alfred Galvez

Home by Atelier Director Alfred Galvez

Still life by Instructor Wanda Totanes

A portrait by Instructor Wanda Totanes

Perception of Self by Instructor Wanda Totanes

Portrait by Instructor Wanda Totanes