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5628 Airport Way S, Suite 330, Suite 330, Seattle, Washington, United States

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At Georgetown Atelier we present the foundations of classical art as building blocks for imaginative professional artists. Our programs are designed to develop visually inventive gallery and industry artists alike. Our apprenticeship-style approach specializes in classical drawing, classical painting, and digital painting, offering the guiding principles of the classics as a flexible system that students can ultimately shape to the needs of their own visions and endeavors. Regardless of professional pursuit, this approach expands creative potential and professional options for our students to thrive.

Full-Time Atelier

Monday through Friday, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm, (lunch 12:30 - 1:30 pm)
Fall, Winter, and Spring trimesters

The full-time program at Georgetown Atelier is designed for career-aspiring artists. Our curriculum is a strategic blend of classical methodologies, formulated to provide a foundation of strength and flexibility. This approach, we believe, not only equips students with the 'hard skills' they need, but also maximizes their long-term creative potential.

As an immersive, classically-based program, the full-time atelier requires a substantial time commitment and is designed for aspiring career artists. Each morning students work from a live model, until breaking for lunch, and then continue working from their individual studio stations in the afternoon.

While students are encouraged to complete a full three years of study, only a one year commitment is required upon enrollment. Tuition payments are made per trimester.

Students interested in digital painting as an optional component to full-time study are encouraged to enroll in the Digital Painting Summer Intensive between first and second years of study. Digital painting may be also be incorporated during the academic year once traditional milestones are met.

Curriculum Progression

Students in the full-time program progress along the same general curriculum, grouped by tiers of study. Particular assignments and timelines may be adjusted to fit the individual student. Our general progression is as follows:

Tier I: Drawing Foundation
Tier II: Painting Foundation with optional Digital Painting
Tier III: Advanced Painting and Thesis Projects

The curriculum is calibrated approximately to a 3 year time-line. Generally, Tiers equate to years of study; Tier I aligns with year 1, etc. However, depending on the quality and quantity of student output, he or she may either progress faster between specific milestones, or extend length of study in areas in which more concentration is needed.

Course languages English
Full-Time Instructors 1
Students 10
Accommodation No

Part time: USD 5320 / year

Full time: USD 8355 / year

Georgetown Atelier

5628 Airport Way S, Suite 330, Suite 330

Seattle, Washington, United States

Semillas by Tenaya Sims

Birth of Venus, in progress detail

Birth of Venus by Tenaya Sims

Danica Francian at Work

Class Lecture