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Rogue Classical Atelier was established in 2007 and is a bustling educational atelier with two locations in the Southern Oregon Rogue Valley.   The school offers a progressive program of study in the classical atelier method, as well as community classes. 

The certificate program and weekly classes are offered in person, via Zoom or as a user friendly hybrid of each.

 The certificated planned course of study has been thoughtfully and intentionally designed to facilitate maximum skill growth. Emphasis is placed upon accurate rendering of volume and shape, light to dark values as dictated by light and shadow and upon color theory.  A variety of genres are studied; executed in graphite, charcoal, pastel and oil painting with emphasis placed upon drawing and painting from life.

 This program in the classical atelier method is offered to adults and teens, ages 14 and above.  Students are accepted into the program dependent upon prior training and experience, level of skill and demonstrated commitment to higher study and mastery.  

There are 3 possible levels of the Atelier Program: Part Time (6-8 hrs per week) Full Time (15 hrs) Full Time Accelerated (20+hrs).  

Certificates are given upon completion of a minimum of 500 hours – which guarantees a solid foundation, high level of drawing and life drawing skill, adept in various mediums, experience and knowledge of archival oil painting methods and technique.  While most students pursue a 1000-2000 hour certificate, all of the aforementioned and following are covered in the first 500 hours as this progressive program builds, designed to maximize student growth:

Bargue Plating is a portion of the program

Frequent life drawing is implemented: still life, live models in figures and portraiture – culminating later in painting live models with accuracy in execution.  

Thoughtful study and respect is dedicated towards classical masters - implemented throughout the program.

Extensive and Comprehensive study of the behavior of light/shadow and color theory.

Advanced understanding of centrality of focus and its’ power to direct a viewer’s eye.

Painting is introduced through black and white, temperature and limited palette exercises in still life and the classical methods of grisaille and piamburas in portraiture.

Throughout the program students complete two sets of Richard Schmid style color charts, limited (Zorn) and later expanded palette, when ready they begin painting in full color.

Perspective as applied in architecture and aerial perspective in landscape.

Students also learn to paint landscape, from photo and on site en plein aire. All applicable theories of aerial perspective, creating distance and composition are studied correspondingly.

Students are guided through many practical studies as well such as setting up their own websites, marketing their work, how to plan and hang a gallery show etc...

*Students proceed to gain higher levels of mastery in oil painting and drawing with the 1000-2000 hour certificates*


Charity Hubbard is a professional fine artist, the founder, and senior instructor to program students. She has built the school's philosophy upon the observation that inspiration is most inhibited by inability to do justice to ones own inspirations, which can result in discouragement.  The mission of the school is to encourage artists through the equipping of a readily adaptable, highly skilled artistic “tool belt” which gives flight to inspiration and sets it free.  This philosophy takes a classical approach as it builds skill upon skill, concept upon concept including exercises, study and time honored classical methods. Charity has obtained 2 art certificates, the second of which was a rigorous 2 year program with renowned artist and instructor Semyon Bilmes – classically trained in Russia and founder of Maui Atelier. She has also studied with many luminaries and has dedicated her life’s work to the study and research of the classical craft and the classical atelier methods.

Classes are supplemented with topic specific, crafted lessons which often include demo videos and exercises.  These are dynamic lessons are designed with care according to the current topic of study, level of skill and are delivered weekly by email, so that students have enriched resources for outside homework study as well.

This program is very adaptable, customizable and user friendly as it offers day and evening courses, and has variable options for attendance over Zoom or a hybrid of each.  Exclusive Zoom attendance is also an option, especially for students who do not live in the area.


All program students graduate from this effective program obtaining a high level of skill and knowledge, equipped for variable careers in fine art.

Founded 2007
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Accreditation Art College Program Certificate
Part-Time Instructors 2
Full-Time Instructors 1
Students 45
Accommodation No

Part time: USD 325 / month

Full time: USD 590 / month

Rogue Classical Atelier

101 N Central Ave

Medford, OR, 97501, United States

Charity Hubbard

Founder/Director/Senior Instructor

Charity Hubbard is founder and head instructor at Rogue Classical Atelier, to certificate program students, adults and advanced teens.  

Charity has been a professional and fine artist for over 20 years. She has operated her classical atelier in the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon for 15 years.  Charity pursues a professional oil painting career as well.

Pursuing a career in painting as well as operating an atelier can be a challenge but it's a challenge worth endeavoring in. "It is a joy and privilege to encourage artists of diverse ages in creativity and skill, helping to equip them with an adept artistic tool belt, built with foundational study and instruction which leads to proficiency and creativity that is then set free, able to do justice to ones own inspiration."

Art Education: Art certificate from Pacific College of Art and Design

Two years of study with Semyon Bilmes, nationally renowned artist, founder and master instructor of Ashland Academy of Art and Maui Atelier.

Charity has also studied with many other luminaries and has dedicated her life’s work to oil painting and the study and research of the classical craft and atelier methods.

Lakaia Thornton

Instructor/Admin/Social Media

Lakaia has always loved art, both making and studying it. She has a BA in Art History from St Olaf College and has experience teaching a broad range of students, from preschool to high school aged. She started taking classes at Rogue Classical Atelier in 2017 and took for two and a half years before leaving to pursue her degree. 
Lakaia is in the advanced certificate program at Rogue Classical Atelier.  She will be teaching youth, teens & 1st year program students among other roles with RCA.  Lakaia's creativity and ingenuity is being put to good use in many areas, including social media and streamlining.
You may visit Lakaia's website here:

Isabella Rose

Online Lesson Formatting/Substitute Instructor

Isabella finds the most inspiration being in nature, rendering it and in drawing people from life. She has taken lessons at Rogue Classical Atelier for 4 years and is in her third year of the certificate program. Isabella formats online lessons and is a sub instructor for our community classes offered to youth, teens and adults.


You may visit Isabella's Instagram page HERE


Mallaig McNaught

Class Coordinating

Mallaig is in her 3rd year of the program and handles class coordination.  She also is a sub instructor for youth and teen classes offered to the community.  We are grateful for Mallaig's talents and radiant kind spirit.

"Milk and Honey" by Lakaia Thornton

"Savoir L'art" by Lakaia Thornton

"Joyful Transcendence" by Charity Hubbard

"Choir Practice" by Charity Hubbard

"Autumn Glory" by Charity Hubbard

"Zion" by Charity Hubbard

"Shasta Rose" by Charity Hubbard

"Luminescence" by Charity Hubbard

"Mosaic of the Sepulchre" by Charity Hubbard

"Curious" by Charity Hubbard

"Retired on Hamilton" by Charity Hubbard

"Amelia's Neighbors Cat" by Amelia, age 15

"Audrey Hepburn" by Alex Mollahan

"Pastel Portrait" by Cassie Penn, age 16

"Charcoal Still Life" by Isabella Clifft

"Skull Study" by Madeline, age 15

"Cast Study" by Evelyn Gettman

"Martin Luther King Jr" by Amelia, age 15

"Owl" by Morgan

"Portrait of Young Woman" by Kintyre

"Jura Bedic Painting Study" by Isabella Clifft

"Portrait of Model" by Cassie Penn

"Portrait of Young Pop Musician" by Cassie Penn

"Butterfly" by Nixon, age 15

"Portrait of Billy Eilish" by Cassie Penn

"Portrait of Rachel McAdams" by Cassie Penn

"Jura Bedic Painting Study" by Shasta Summers Lacombe

"Larine Chung Painting Study" by Isabella Clifft - Study Details Below

"Floral Original" by Susan Schirmer

"Portrait Study" by Al Garcia

"Pear" by Karis - Community Youth Classes

Ad for local Gallery Show

Bargue Charting

Cast Drawing

East Medford Studio Location

Alex Making the Rounds in an Adult Class offered to the Community

Community Adult Class

Community Adult Class

West Medford Studio

West Medford Studio

Community Adult Class

Alex with resident studio cat

Our Social Media "Merry Christmas Wishes" Photo

Cast Drawing

Live Model Drawing/Painting

Bargue Charting in Community Adult Class