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The goal of the HSArts Visual Arts Program is to provide students with professional-level training. Our program is unique in that it focuses on the skills essential for professional accomplishment in any visual arts-related field, including digital composition, concept art, film-making, product design, and architecture. Every HSArts graduate wishing to pursue a career in art has been accepted by one or more top-ranking fine-arts universities.

The fundamental courses for visual arts include chiaroscuro (grisaille), painting (oil painting/acrylic), and sketch (pen art/mixed media). Students also participate in plein air drawing for painting from life once a week.

Each semester, or as often as once a month, our Master Class series brings in different master artists who showcase and conduct demonstrations for our students.

Throughout the course of their studies, students are introduced to the works and techniques of Leondardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Sargent, Zorn, Sorolla, Rembrandt, Bouguereau, Richard Schmid, as well as living masters including Jeremy Lipking, Odd Nerdrum, Steven Assael and the current Atelier movements of works from the artists at institutions like Grand Central Atelier, Florence Academy of Art, and Art Renewal Center.

Students use a limited palette to later progress to a full palette in oil painting techniques including, but not limited to, Alla Prima (Wet on Wet), Open/Closed Grisaille, and Indirect Painting.

HSArts students choose from a variety of art electives, which include Chinese Painting, Handcraft, Calligraphy, Architecture, Animation, Clay, Costume Design, Graphic Design, Film-making, and Video Editing. Students spend the majority of their time, at least 60%, building a solid art foundation through our fundamental training coursework offerings.

Founded 2010
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English,Chinese
Full-Time Instructors 3
Students 22
Accommodation Yes

Full time: EUR 39700 / year

HSArts Visual Arts Program

1950 Page Street

San Francisco, CA, 94117, United States

Lucy Cui


Ms. Cui is a freelance storyboard artist and illustrator. She received M.F.A of Animation & Visual Effects from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She also studied B.F.A in Century Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. In 2018, she had a reward as the Runner-up For MFA Personal Work in school of illustration in the Academy of Art University spring show.In 2019, she had a reward as The Best Category Award For Animation in school of Visual Development in the Academy of Art University spring show.

Mildred Hankinson


Ms. Hankinson is a figurative artist and instructor. She studied fine art and illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and has been teaching throughout the Bay Area since 2013.

Vera Wang


Ms. Wang studied visual arts from a very young age. In 2013, she graduated with a BFA from the Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts in Ukraine, majoring in easel painting. In 2015 she began her studies in professional illustration in the US, alongside self-studies in classical oil painting. Ms. Wang has more than five years of experience in youth arts education.

Fabric Study

Statue of Female Torso

Head of Giuliano de'Medici

An Artist

Figure study

15-min Figure study

Portrait study

Portrait study 2

Figure study 2

Portrait painting study



Bargue drawing

Bargue Drawing

Bargue Drawing

Bargue Drawing

Charcoal drawing

Bargue Drawing

Still-life painting from Life

Cast drawing

Bargue drawing

Cast drawing from Life

Bargue drawing

Mildred Hankinson demo

Mildred Hankinson demo 2

Kyle Ma demo

Kyle Ma demo 2

Andrew Cadima demo

Model stand