AdA – Joke Frima Atelier school - Apprenticeship Program

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AdA – Joke Frima Atelier school - Apprenticeship Program

Published on March 17, 2023

Immersive 3-month courses with renewable enrolment

The teaching is based on drawing, then progresses to oil painting, and aims for a level of excellence in contemporary classical realist art. Teaching is personalized, adjusted in consultation with the student, and according to their level. These apprenticeships are aimed at serious and motivated students who are aiming for a career as a professional artist.

CONTACT - Vissingy 58120 Chaumard, France
Internationally renown Dutch artist Joke Frima has lived in France for 25 years, where she has now created an atelier-school on a human scale. At the age of 24, Joke joined the Studio of Signorina Nerina Simi in Florence, where she progressed rapidly and remained for eight years. And now, in turn, Joke would like to pass on some of her knowledge. She’s founded a society, and bought and renovated a school nestled in the green hills of Burgundy, that is now ready to welcome six new apprentices.
The training, rigorous while encouraging personal style, is based on three-month courses. Enrolment is renewable, with the option of following the complete AdA course over three years. Other artists are occasionally invited to teach. Students can stay on site.
Situated in an idyllic hamlet, 1km from one of the most beautiful lakes of the Morvan regional park, the AdA school is a small studious yet friendly artists’ colony. Built around transmission, life, and shared development.