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Angela Mia De La Vega News

Published on November 18, 2019

ARC Living Master Angela Mia De La Vega was recently commissioned by the Women That Soar Awards Show to sculpt the award sculpture that will be awarded to all of their honorees going forward.

"I am deeply honored to have been entrusted with the creation of such a meaningful symbol of the empowerment of women. I am also most humbled that it will be in the hands, hearts, and homes, of such extraordinary and inspiring women – the WTS honorees...

The award sculpture itself has no face, no hair, no specific defining features. The figure is recognizably a woman, however, with inner and outer strength so she can truly soar.

We see her from the front as we would see the world from a distance - with soft transitions full of life and sustenance. From her back core we understand dynamic light is radiating like the sun’s rays. A pattern of contrasts exists between curved and geometric surfaces. This represents her unique complexities and is indicative, as well, of how we see the earth up close.

At her mid point is her subtly marked navel; because she is born of a mother - as we all are - and from her we have been given wings to soar."

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